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There's Nothing 'Average' About Mustang or its Buyers

4 September 1998

There's Nothing 'Average' About Mustang or its Buyers
    NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 3 -- The Ford Mustang for 1999,
unveiled here today to members of the Mustang Club of America, has the looks,
performance, heritage and price that appeal to a broad range of customers,
according to Jim O'Connor, Ford vice president and president of Ford Division.
    "Since it was introduced almost 35 years ago, Mustang has projected an
attitude that is free-spirited, fun and definitely cool," O'Connor said.
"It's that image and heritage, together with Mustang's straightforward lineup
of models and options, that attract a diverse group of buyers.  They include
women and men about equally, from young people starting out to leading-edge
baby boomers rewarding themselves with some fun and self-expression.  There's
really no such thing as a typical Mustang buyer in terms of age, gender or
income level."
    Ford research indicates that, overall, Mustang buyers have a median age of
37, a median household income of $57,000 and are 48 percent female.
    "That doesn't really tell the story, though," O'Connor noted, "because
buyer demographics change significantly when you start looking at the
different models."  For instance, the affordable sportiness of the Mustang V-6
attracts the largest number of female buyers -- about 56 percent -- and
younger buyers with slightly lower incomes (median age is 35 and median income
is $53,000).  The V-6 coupe and convertible models also account for about
63 percent of all Mustang sales.
    The Mustang GT coupe's buyer profile is similar to that of the V-6.
Median age is 37 and median income is $55,000.  However, more males buy the GT
with its V-8 engine -- 61 percent vs. 44 percent for the V-6.
    The GT convertible attracts customers that are older, much more affluent,
and more predominantly male compared with the other models.  Median age is 47,
median income is $83,000, and 63 percent are male.
    Research also shows that, across the board, the top purchase motivation
for Mustang is "fun to drive," and O'Connor says advertising communications
will emphasize that aspect of Mustang's personality.
    "Our best opportunities for increasing Mustang sales are with young women
and guys who like a sporty, high-performance image," he said.  "And when it
comes to advertising, Mustang's status as an American icon gives us plenty of
opportunities; everybody knows what Mustang is and what it stands for."
    The 1999 Ford Mustang will be on public display for the first time over
the Labor Day weekend at a Mustang Club of America rally in nearby Franklin,