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Phoenix Foreign Car to Use Only MiraChem

13 August 1998

Phoenix Foreign Car to Use Only MiraChem
    PHOENIX, Aug. 12 -- The following is being released by
Innovative Environmental Products:

    Dr. Duane Wooten, a Phoenix pediatrician who recently purchased Phoenix
Foreign Car service, today announced that his auto shop would no longer use
harmful, petrochemical solvents to clean parts but would instead use
MiraChem(R), ( a line of environmentally friendly, worker
safe, cleaning solutions and equipment.
    "As a doctor and a human being, I couldn't justify using any solvent that
could cause harm to my workers," said Wooten.  "The MiraChem(R) cleaners work
just as well as my old cleaner, but now I don't have to worry about my men
getting harmed.  And it's better for the environment as well.  With air
pollution the way it is in Phoenix, I think we all have to do our part to
    As a direct result of his philosophy, a parts washer that used petroleum
products as its cleaner now sits discarded in a back corner of the shop.
    "This new stuff works just as well as mineral spirits ever did," said Jim
Greenwood, one of PFC's 3 full-time technicians, as he washed his hands in the
MiraChem(R) fluid.  "And you wouldn't have seen me doing this before."
    MiraChem(R) is a water-based cleaner that contains no toxic chemicals and
releases very little smog-forming volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the
atmosphere.  Most petroleum-based solvents contain toxic chemicals and release
high levels of VOCs.
    Current regulations in the Los Angeles Area ban the use of petrochemical
cleaners by the end of 1998 because of their significant contribution to air
pollution.  It is estimated that traditional solvents create more air
pollution in the LA Basin than all of the area's oil refineries.  Other air
districts in California are drafting similar regulations.
    The air pollution governing board for Maricopa County is examining the
possibility of following suit.  Maricopa County currently has a "Non-
Attainment" status with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  This status
refers to the poor air quality in Phoenix.
    Many MiraChem(R) products have been certified as Clean Air Products by the
South Coast Air Quality Management District, the regulatory body for the LA
Area.  This certification ensures that MiraChem(R) will adhere to the
strictest of environmental laws on the horizon.