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Armadillo Victory Tour

16 July 1998

ADVISORY/Armageddon; Armadillo Victory Tour



WHAT:   The ARMADILLO all-terrain vehicle (ATV), with an AM General
        Hummer chassis and a Chevy 350 Gas engine, weighs an amazing
        22,000 pounds and travels at speeds up to 50 miles per hour.
        Constructed by FXPERTS Effects House under the supervision of
        John Frazier, the ARMADILLO is also equipped with a fully
        operational VULCAN CANNON that is used to shoot and destroy
        incoming space debris in the hit film ARMAGEDDON.

WHEN:   Friday, July 17, 1998
        7:00AM - 5:00PM

WHERE:  Washington Square Park
        (5th Avenue and Waverly Place)

                     --YOUR COVERAGE IS INVITED--
                         Touchstone Pictures'
                is now playing in theaters everywhere.

    An asteroid the size of Texas is heading directly toward Earth at
22,000 mph.  NASA's executive director, Dan Truman (BILLY BOB
THORNTON), has only one option -- to send up a crew to destroy the
asteroid.  He enlists the help of Harry S. Stamper (BRUCE WILLIS) --
the world's foremost deep core oil driller -- and Stamper's roughneck
team of drillers to land on the asteroid, drill into its surface using
an ARMADILLO ATV, and drop a nuclear device into the core.  On this
heroic journey, they face the most physically and emotionally
challenging conditions ever encountered ... to save the world and

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