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Victor Reinz(R) Gasket Cures Leaks On Workhorse Engine

9 July 1998

Unique Victor Reinz(R) Gasket Cures Intake Leaks On Workhorse 3.1L Engine
    TOLEDO, Ohio, July 8 -- The highly popular General Motors
Corp. 3.1-liter V-6 engine is a real workhorse, but after many thousands of
miles it can be susceptible to intake manifold gasket failure.  Signs of
failure include surging acceleration, stumbling acceleration, or stalling.
High nitrous oxide readings and coolant contamination in the oil are also
tip-offs to check the intake gasket sealing area for leakage.
    The engine features an aluminum intake manifold mounted to aluminum or
cast-iron cylinder heads.  The dissimilar metals have different expansion
rates, and the heating and cooling of the engine over time can cause gasket
fretting and failure.  The solution may be more complex than simply installing
another gasket of the same type.
    If a gasket failure is discovered, but the manifold and cylinder head
mating surfaces pass the usual inspections for surface trueness, cracks, and
casting flaws, the cure might require a more "forgiving" gasket.
    Dana Corporation's Victor Reinz(R), for instance, has developed a
Nitroseal(R) replacement intake gasket for this engine which incorporates a
graphite face with a Teflon(R) coating, mechanically clinched to a perforated
steel core.  This offers outstanding strength and sealing properties, and it
prevents the gasket from permanently bonding with the sealing surfaces, which
can lead to gasket failure.
    The two piece Nitroseal gasket eliminates the unnecessary "valley tray"
between the left and right manifold surfaces.
    "Sealing solutions such as the Victor Reinz 3.1 liter intake manifold
gasket help technicians keep millions of vehicles on the road, operating
efficiently.  This is good for the motorist and good business for the service
sector, as well," noted Tom Dattilo, Dana vice president of sealing products
and distribution.
    Victor Reinz is part of Dana Engine Components, one of Dana's six global
strategic business units.  Dana Engine Components provides advanced,
synergistic, total systems solutions to engine builders' parts design and
sourcing, worldwide.  Dana Engine Components combines the strength and
capabilities of Victor Reinz(R) gaskets and sealing products, Perfect
Circle(R) power cylinder components and heavy duty camshafts, Wix(R)
filtration products, and Plumley powertrain components.
    Dana Corporation is a leader in engineering, manufacture, and
distribution of products and services for the automotive, engine, heavy truck,
off-highway, industrial, and leasing markets.  Founded in 1904 and based in
Toledo, Ohio, Dana operates facilities in over 30 countries and employs more
than 50,000 people.  The company reported record sales of $8.3 billion in
1997.  Dana's Internet address is