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Lexus LX 470 Sports Powerful V8 Engine, Increased Comfort and Style

13 March 1998

Lexus LX 470 Sports Powerful V8 Engine, Increased Comfort and Style

    DETROIT, March 12 -- The all-new 1998 Lexus LX 470 sport
utility vehicle (SUV), introduced to the automotive media here today, offers
more power and room, while enhancing the high level of sophistication and
luxury that is standard for any Lexus.
    The LX 470 is prepared to perform on or off-road with its powerful new V8
engine, roomier size and sophisticated adjustable-height hydropneumatic
suspension.  It replaces the highly successful Lexus LX 450.
    The LX 470 is a completely new platform, with only the transmission and
transfer case carried over from the LX 450.  Among the latest model's
highlights are:  a new 32-valve, 4.7-liter V8 engine derived from the Lexus
V8; Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS); independent front suspension and
Adjustable Height Control suspension (AHC).  The LX 470, priced at $54,590,
comes with only one option -- a tilt-and-slide power moonroof, making it the
best standard-equipped vehicle in the Lexus family.
    "This new generation of the LX marries Lexus engine, interior and
suspension expertise with nearly 50 years of off-road experience, giving us
the ultimate luxury sport utility vehicle," said Jim Press, Lexus senior vice
president and general manager.  "The LX 470 has been fine tuned to meet the
needs of discriminating customers.  It will become the standard against which
luxury SUVs will be measured.
    "When we introduced the LX 450, we called it 'King Kong in a tux'," Press
said.  "Now we have the LX 470, which is still 'King Kong in a tux,' but he's
more refined and his tux is even better tailored."
    Compared with the previous LX 450, overall value of the LX 470 has been
enhanced, thanks to the addition of more than 40 high-demand options and new
standard features.  On a comparably equipped basis, there is essentially no
price change verses the LX 450.

    Spacious and Smooth
    The LX 470 conveys Lexus heritage through its distinctive front grille and
headlights.  The exterior design has been made more muscular, yet its
appearance is sleeker and more refined than the previous model.  Genuine wood
trim and Optitron instrumentation further identify the LX as a member of the
Lexus family.  The windshield has been moved forward, while the split-sliding
rear quarter windows have been replaced by one-piece glass for a cleaner look.
Door openings have been enlarged for better accessibility.
    Overall length has been increased by 2.8 inches and total interior length
has been expanded 3.5 inches.  The cab has been moved forward to create more
rear-seat space, and despite its three rows of seating for eight, the LX 470's
overall length is less than an LS 400 for ease of parking.  The interior
shoulder room has been improved by nearly 3 inches, while only increasing
overall width 0.4 inches.  Front and rear track are wider, while overall
height remains the same.  The additional roominess without adding to the
overall dimensions is in line with development objectives to keep the LX 470
at a reasonable size for city traffic and parking in a typical two-car garage.
    In addition to its increased space, the LX 470 offers smooth and quiet
ride comfort.  One notable feature is the new hydropneumatically operated
Adjustable Height Control (AHC) suspension system specifically developed for
the LX 470.  With three ride-height settings ranging nearly four inches, it
affords owners the option of choosing off-road ground clearance or a lowered
ride height for easier entry and exit around town.  Engine noise has been
reduced 3 decibels and wind noise at 75 mph is 6 decibels quieter.

    V8 Power with Full-Time Four-Wheel-Drive
    While based on the famous Lexus 4.0-liter V8, the LX 470's new 4.7-liter
powerplant is specifically designed for best performance in an SUV.  It
produces exceptional low rpm torque for responsive off-the-line performance,
towing power and pulling power on and off-road.  Fully 80 percent of its peak
output of the 320 pound-feet is available at engine speeds as low as 1,100
    Unlike typical SUV engines derived from truck powertrains, the LX 470
engine is highly sophisticated, smooth and efficient.  It is the first four-
cam, 32-valve V8 to be offered in a sport utility vehicle.  This 4.7- liter V8
produces 230 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque, an increase of 18
horsepower and 45 pound-feet of torque over the previous model's six-cylinder
engine.  With its increased power, the LX 470 accelerates from a standing
start to 60 mph in 9.9 seconds -- nearly a two-second improvement over the LX
450.  It also will be certified as a low emission vehicle by the California
Air Resources Board.
    Adding to its off-road ability is the LX 470's full-time four-wheel-drive
system.  The system is permanently engaged, utilizing a limited-slip center
differential to distribute torque between front and rear axle.

    Responsive On- and Off-Road
    In their efforts to create the best-performing full-size SUV in the
industry, Lexus engineers have developed sophisticated suspension features for
added convenience and performance on- and off-road.  With its rigid chassis,
independent front suspension, Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) and
Adjustable Height Control suspension (AHC), the LX 470 promises superior ride
characteristics among large SUVs.
    The independent front suspension uses lower torsion bars rather than coil
springs for improved on-road performance and comfort, yet it affords
exceptionally long travel and the ruggedness necessary for the most severe
off-road conditions.  The front torsion bars are positioned higher than the
underbody and the frame side rails to prevent impact damage when driving off
road.  Overall frame torsional stiffness has been increased 95 percent, and
the cross section of the fully boxed frame rails is 26 percent larger.  The
new suspension offers long wheel travel with low unsprung weight, for superior
off-road comfort.
    Adjustable Height Control suspension (AHC) allows the driver to adjust the
vehicle ride height to three levels -- high, normal and low.  The high mode
provides improved drivability over rough terrain, while the low mode affords
improved ease of in and out access.  The height control switch and indicator
light work to help the driver know at what height the vehicle is, as well as
to indicate the optimal height control depending on driving conditions.  If
set in the high mode, the AHC will automatically lower the LX to the normal
mode when the vehicle exceeds 19 mph.  When parked in low mode, the suspension
will automatically raise to normal height when pulling away from a stop.
    The Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), a semi-active shock absorber
system, reacts as fast as 2.5 milliseconds, continuously changing shock
valving individually at each wheel.  The computer system selects from a range
of 16 different settings -- 1 being softest and 16 being firmest -- in four
range groups depending on feedback from various road sensors.  The AVS system
senses road bumps and continuously adjusts shocks to a stiffer or softer value
as needed.  The driver is provided an adjustment switch for personal
    The LX incorporates rack and pinion steering, giving the vehicle more
precise steering response and feel.  Additionally, the rugged rack and pinion
mechanism is located above the frame cross member to protect it from off-
roading impacts.

    First-Class Safety
    The LX 470 has an abundance of safety features to help protect occupants
in many different crash situations.  Its more rigid frame, which uses nine
cross members instead of the previous six, is equipped with axial-compression
collapsible zones for excellent energy absorption.  All upper interior
surfaces have been designed to help prevent head injury in the event of a
collision, meeting 1999 federal requirements ahead of schedule.
    The ABS system is designed to enhance off-road braking performance,
allowing ABS control on poor-traction surfaces, while avoiding early
activation on steep slopes.  The system's brake master cylinder features a
hydraulically operated brake booster to reduce brake pedal effort and improve
brake feel.  Front brakes feature opposed four-pot calipers, which reduce drag
and enhance fuel economy.  Brake pads have been enlarged from the previous LX
model for improved performance and longer life.
    Additional safety features include pretensioning and force-limiting seat
belts, daytime running lights and dual supplemental restraint system airbags.

    Comfort, Convenience and the Lexus Touch
    In keeping with the tradition of comfort and luxury, the LX 470 comes
standard with many amenities including an in-dash, single-feed six-compact
disc changer, heated and power-retracting outside mirrors, heated front seats,
rear air conditioning, outside temperature gauge, three auxiliary power
outlets, electronically controlled tilt and telescope steering column,
individually reclining second row seats, running boards and automatic
hydrocarbon air pollution sensor with cabin filter.
    One-touch up and down power windows are provided for all seats.  A one-
touch feature also is offered on the optional moonroof.  To help increase
safety, each window has a jam prevention mechanism which will stop the window
and lower it 7 inches if there is an obstruction.  The swing-type rear quarter
windows are opened and closed electrically.
    Outside rear-view mirrors feature remote-control electric retraction for
ease in maneuvering and parking in tight situations.  For improved visibility,
the outside mirrors are heated to evaporate frost and dew, while both inside
and outside mirrors feature electrochromic self-dimming.
    Auxiliary power outlets in the dash, center console and rear cargo area
provide owners convenience for operation of accessories such as cellular
phone, car vacuum cleaner, laptop computer or portable refrigerator.
    The hydrocarbon air pollution sensor automatically switches the air to
re-circulate when certain levels of air contamination are detected.  An
activated charcoal micron filter removes dust, pollen and many odors from the
interior air stream.
    The LX 470 comes in the following colors:  Golden Pearl, Smokey Topaz
Mica, Riverrock Green Mica, Black Onyx, Cashmere Beige Metallic and Woodland
Pearl.  Leather Interior colors include gray and oak.
    The LX 470 joins the Lexus line of six cars and SUVs and provides a more
sophisticated and better performing luxury SUV alternative to such competitive
entries as Range Rover and Lincoln Navigator.
    Along with building the ultimate luxury SUV, Lexus also is determined to
provide its customers the ultimate service.  Lexus dealers have achieved the
highest honors in customer satisfaction six out of the last seven years.