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Bob Sikorsky: Family Car Can Last 1,500,000 Miles or a Lifetime

24 March 1997

Top Auto Expert Claims Family Car Can Last 1,500,000 Miles or a Lifetime -- Whichever is Longer

    MONROVIA, Calif., March 21 -- One of the nations top
automobile experts, Bob Sikorsky, claims a family car can last 1,500,000 miles
or a lifetime, if properly maintained and cared for in its interior
    Sikorsky, a car buff and owner of four not-so-expensive cars, is a highly
respected best-selling author of such books as "How to Get More Miles Per
Gallon in the 90's (McGraw-Hill/Tab 1991) and now in its 16th annual printing
"Drive It Forever" (Final Frontier Media 1997).  He is also a syndicated
columnist of "Drive It Forever" and "Riding in Style" appearing in
115 newspapers, and a lecturer to conservation groups.
    His "Reader's Digest" article, "Highway Robbery:  the Scandal of Auto
Repair in America," for which he was selected by the magazine to research and
write by spending two months criss-crossing America, is considered the most
definitive study on this topic.  It was the magazine's most publicized and
most widely read article of the last 50 years.
    Sikorsky believes if car owners, no matter what kind of car, or year made,
or style, would take a serious interest in their car engine, as they do with
their own bodies, the car would run efficiently for scores of years.
    The cumulative expense of gasoline charges, repairs, and the cost of
buying new cars every 100,000 miles or more, "is a total waste of a car
owner's income or savings, or even the small amount of the value of trade-in,"
he says.  "Clean healthy engines, proven performance products, fuel economy,
and more horsepower from what you feed your car are as vital as the
nutritional foods you feed yourself and your family," he adds.
    He recently gave an enthusiastic thumbs up for a revolutionary new
"airborne fuel additive," after 18 months of experimentation with it in his
own cars.  This new additive known as "The Force" (for information call
800-41-FORCE) is only the third product he has ever publicly supported,
asserting that the additive cleaned his engine from carbon, increased mileage,
helped faster accelerations and created a healthier engine all around.
    Sikorsky's enthusiasm comes for the only fuel additive not poured in your
gas tank.  The additive is airborne and works by being placed within the car's
air filter in a sausage-like casing which evaporates inside the engine.  It
was invented by Dr. Shui-Yin Lo, a nuclear and particle scientist-physicist,
for American Technologies Group, Inc., a forward-thinking "clean science"
environmental company, based in Monrovia, California.
    Sikorsky, who has appeared on such television programs as Regis & Kathy
Lee, The Tonight Show, CNBC's Smart Money and others, has 4,000 car-owner
members of a "High Car Mileage" club he founded in which members average from
250,000 to 1,500,000 miles on their cars.
    Take it from a man who knows, "live a long, healthy life and live it with
your healthy car," says Sikorsky.

SOURCE  American Technologies Group, Inc.

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