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TACH SPECIAL: Motor Press Guild Tech Fair goes from 0 to 155 MBPS with wireless connectivity

1 August 2000

Only THE AUTO CHANNEL Delivers the Promise & Fulfillment of New Media Communications at Automotive Journalism Event

Los Angeles - On Tuesday, August 1st, the Motor Press Guild will hold its long awaited Tech Fair at The Proud Bird Restaurant in Los Angeles, California. The exposition is intended to give the automotive community an exclusive look at the newest and latest developments in communication technology: everything from online 'broadband' services to 'hard' equipment and 'soft' programs. Many of the auto industry's most important providers and resources are scheduled to display their various products.

But a funny thing happened on the way to this forum. Mr. Murphy's infamous law placed a major roadblock on the journey down the information superhighway: high-speed Internet connectivity is not available at the event location!

At a time of exploding growth in high-tech DSL and Cable Modem usage, the state-of-the-art Tech Fair was faced with the prospect of using only low-tech dial-up connectivity to demonstrate the potential of 21st century 'convergence'. No blazingly fast transmissions; forget non-existent data retrieval times; and don't even think about smooth, near broadcast quality streaming video. Welcome to 1996.

To quickly solve the problem, and ensure a successful presentation of its top rated online automotive network; THE AUTO CHANNEL turned to GLOBAL PACIFIC WIRELESS INTERNET for temporary high-speed broadband connectivity. Global Pacific Wireless Internet is a division of Worldwide Wireless Networks Inc. (OTC: BB WWWN), headquartered in Orange, California.

WWWN will provide a wireless broadband connection from one of their nearby POPs, (Point of Presences), in which WWWN's equipment will wirelessly deliver real time T-1 speed Internet access and serve as the main form of transport for THE AUTO CHANNEL's content.

"We are delighted that THE AUTO CHANNEL called us for a reliable and robust wireless high speed connection for the presentation. With our wireless network and potential to meet future scalability needs, we can provide all types of wireless speeds of up to 155 Mbps, enabling not only high speed but quick and rapid installs - usually in 48 hours as in this instance. This way, THE AUTO CHANNEL can get a temporary connection at a reasonable cost, and not have to rely on an expensive long-term commitment to conventional wired TELCOs for T-1 service," said Jack Tortorice, CEO of Worldwide Wireless Networks.

Marc Rauch, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of THE AUTO CHANNEL enthusiastically lauded the WWWN wireless service. "In presenting at MPG's Tech Fair with wireless T1, the attendees will get a double-dip demonstration of the 'leading edge' in 'state-of-the-art' Internet service. They'll see the world's best automotive content, in its best form, in what appeared to be an insurmountable situation. Whether you're old enough to remember Dick Tracy's wireless two-way video wristwatch, or you relate to Star Trek's more contemporary wireless communication devices; this will blow you away. The future is here: nothing is impossible.

About Worldwide Wireless Networks

Worldwide Wireless Networks is an integrated wireless communications company, headquartered in Orange, California. The Company specializes in high-speed Internet access using an owned wireless network. Other products and services include DSL, frame relay, collocation services and network consulting. The Company serves all sizes of commercial business accounts and the home office market. For more information, visit them on the Web at


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