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The Largest Independent Automotive Research Resource
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Originally Published 8/21/1999


The Auto Channel Buyers Guides feature exclusive tools for the serious on-line car shopper:

4 Car Compar-a-graph, Bodystyle Compar-a-chart

SPEC-IT BID-IT BUY-IT Capabilities,

Largest Library of New Vehicle Reviews, Streaming Video, Manufacturer Press Conferences and much, much more.

AUTO CENTRAL - August 20, 1999: News stories and research studies report the dramatically increasing role that the Internet is playing in helping car and truck buyers find the vehicle that's right for them. But the last thing consumers need when they search for information is to get stuck with another hand in their pocket, asking for exorbitant per-vehicle fees or bothersome monthly subscriptions, to access that information.

So as The Auto Channel (TACH) announces the official introduction of model-year 2000 prices on its Internetwork, we wants to remind Internet users everywhere that the most relevant, comprehensive, and accurate new and used vehicle information and research tools are available at without any cost or obligation whatsoever!

The Auto Channel's arsenal of helpful online shopping tools empowers consumers in a way that no other website or media outlet does. It's why, the Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business, called TACH the Rolls Royce of Car Buying Sites, and why Web TV/Jump City describes The Auto Channel as the web's Monster Site for Car Buffs.

Among the many popular features found on The Auto Channel is the proprietary 4 Car Compar-a-graph, the Internet's original head-to-head analysis device, that allows buyers to compare and contrast every vehicle model sold in the US relative to nearly 200 dimension and capacity criteria.  Users can continually evaluate up to 4 models simultaneously, from different manufacturers or from the same manufacturer, until they are certain which vehicles they should be considering for purchase.

The 4 Car Compar-a-graph can be accessed directly at

Another exclusive TACH research tool is the Bodystyle Compar-a-chart that gives users the ability to compare every car sold in the US by specific bodystyle, also relative to almost 200 dimensions and capacities. For example, if you want to find the sedan with the most headroom; the convertible with the most horsepower; or which mini-van will fit in your garage, without letting air out of the tires; the TACH Bodystyle Compar-a-chart is the onlytool on the Internet that can get you that information quickly, easily, and at no cost!

The SPEC-IT BID-IT BUY-IT feature allows TACH car shoppers to utilize a massive database containing the specs and every option for every vehicle sold in the US. Users can easily spec-out a vehicle precisely the way they want it and then price that exact model at their local dealer, or with any on-line referral service.

"These tools are just the tip of the iceberg," said Bob Gordon, president of The Auto Channel. "Our automotive content is so deep and expansive that it blows people away; and our interactive interfaces are the most intuitive to use of any automotive price guides on the web. On top of that, we have the largest library of new vehicle reviews, and visitors to TACH can watch television shows, listen to radio programs, see live and archived coverage of major events, and really experience the promise of the Internet. Over the last three and a half years many other automotive websites have tried to emulate us and copy some of our features, but only The Auto Channel can deliver everything any car buyer wants to know, and its all free.  Its better than having a favorite uncle in the car business."

TACH's New & Used Car Buyers Guides include all MSRP prices (retail), dealer invoice prices (wholesale), option packages, shipping charges, recall information, rebate information, service bulletins, and NHTSA Crash Test Results.  All from one place, and all for free!

The Auto Channel comprises 18 subject sections. In addition to New & Used Vehicles, there's Parts & Accessories, Repair & Maintenance, Motor Homes, Motorcycles, Consumer Affairs, Industry, Off Road, and all 9 subsections of Motor Sports. TACH has well over 200,000 pages of information; thousands of photos; hundreds of new vehicle reviews for each of the last 5 model years; more than 2,000 streaming video programs.

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