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NASCAR WCUP: DieHard 500 Post Race Quotes, Dale Jarrett

26 April 1999

DALE JARRETT -88- Quality Care Service/Ford Credit Taurus -- "It's difficult, but Mark just didn't get there in time. I think that we could have worked to try and get by Earnhardt, but trying to pass Dale Earnhardt at one of these places with a lap or two to go is a pretty tall order. He makes the 3 car pretty wide. We had a great race. We tried to be patient and give ourselves a chance to be there at the end and get an opportunity to win and one of these days we're gonna take advantage of those opportunities of running in the top five and getting close and we're gonna get into victory lane. Right now we've got some consistency going that I like and I think our victories will come soon enough. It was a great race. A lot of guys showed a lot of patience, a lot of give and take. I don't know what the two guys were doing in the grass down the backstretch, but that seemed to be the only problem that we had." IS IT FRUSTRATING TO FINISH SECOND AGAIN? "I was just glad to have the chance to even contend there at the end. You get through all day and give yourself that opportunity. Again, it would be nice. I mean, it seems like everytime I finish second here I get into second and the guys get side-by-side behind me and I don't ever get that help that I need to try to make that pass. I don't know if I could, but I'd like to at least have the opportunity, but it's not frustrating. We came here to win the race. I wanted to win at the end, but to come out of here with a second and a good race car still intact, that's OK." IS EARNHARDT THE LAST GUY YOU'D LIKE TO HAVE IN FRONT OF YOU ON THE LAST LAP? "In front or behind. I don't care to have him either place, personally. Definitely, he's a hard man to pass. That 3 car, he knows where to put it. He's good at anticipating. As I peddled back to Mark a little bit to try to get me a little bit of a push, he peddled right back with me. He's smart and he knows what to do. We'd have had to have more help than me and Mark to get around him I think."

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