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NASCAR WCUP: Ford Drivers Speak Out During Rain Delay

9 November 1998

Courtesy Ford Motorsports

Hampton, Ga. - BRETT BODINE #11 Paychex Taurus -- (You got your five bonus points, but it was kind of adventuresome wasn't it?) "Yeah, it was. It was my mistake. I was counting down from five and I believe they shorted us one lap on the one to go, but I think that they were trying to get started because they saw the rain coming and they wanted to throw the green again. It must be clean living. We were very fortunate because I was gonna have to pit in about 10 laps."

(What were you thinking with David Green and Dave Marcis in front of you under caution?) "Well, I'm very disappointed in Dave Marcis. There's a guy who relies on people helping him out. He knew that David Green and I were after and he really put the shaft to us. Believe me, that will go in the memory bank and we'll remember it for a long time."
Dale Jarrett

DALE JARRETT #88 Quality Care/Ford Credit Taurus -- "My only concern about running tonight is water seepage from the race track. We don't know anything about that. Certainly, the lights are somewhat a concern, but they had a race hre under the lights, so it looks like it's lit well enough. I would say that it would probably be better for the fans and everyone if we could get it in. But it's gonna be awful damp, and obviously, it's gonna get awful late."

JEFF BURTON #99 Exide Batteries Taurus -- "It appears to be that they're gonna do their best to get it in tonight. If it doesn't look very good here in the next hour we're gonna call it and do it in the morning. We, as a team, are waiting it out like everybody else. We made a decision on what we wanted to do on the car even before we ever pitted the first time for the rain, so we pretty much have that behind us. Really, we're just waiting it out and watching football."

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