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The Auto Channel Races to Netshow 3.0

4 May 1998

For Immediate Release

Live Indy 500 Coverage & Hundreds of TV ON THE NET Programs Included
as Automotive Web Network Shifts Its Content to Microsoft's Streaming
Video Platform

LOUISVILLE, KY., & SACRAMENTO, CA., MAY 4, 1998 -The Auto Channel has
announced that effective immediately all of its Internet television
and radio programs will be available to the world via Microsoft
NetShow streaming multimedia services for Window NT Server, and that
henceforth, all live broadcasts will be accomplished using
NetShow. This announcement coincides with Microsoft's public
introduction of NetShow 3.0 beta version on May 4, 1998.

Included among The Auto Channel's live and taped programs will be its
coverage of the 1998 Indianapolis 500, and all of its regularly
scheduled weekly shows. The Auto Channel has been the only Internet
entity to broadcast traditional syndicated television and radio shows
over the Internet on a continuous basis. Programs such as RACELINE;
TODAY are presented over the Internet by The Auto Channel in a
conventional broadcast manner: new episodes appear at specific days
and times each week. However, unlike conventional broadcasting, the
Internet then gives The Auto Channel the capability to archive all
past episodes and make them available to viewers and listeners on a
continuous on-demand basis. Several new TV and radio shows will be
joining The Auto Channel's regular schedule in May and June, and they
will also be made available exclusively via NetShow: CAR CRAZY; BOBBY
produced and broadcast directly from Canberra, Australia.

The Auto Channel's unique Indy 500 Internet coverage will be centered
around a live four hour pre-race broadcast on Sunday, May 24th.  This
broadcast will be presented in conjunction with the Indianapolis ABC
television affiliate, WRTV-Ch 6.  The show will include driver
interviews, qualifications recaps, historical information, and feature

At present, The Auto Channel has more than 500 streaming video TV ON
THE NET programs, many of which are one hour or more in length. The
programs cover all aspects of the automotive world, from documentaries
to do-it-yourself instructionals, and from entertainment to
competition. All programs are available without charge to any Internet
user, anywhere in the world. The Auto Channel also broadcasts live
from many major automotive venues and events. Earlier this year, The
Auto Channel provided complete TV ON THE NET coverage of all eleven
days of the Los Angeles Auto Show, and concurrently worked with
WXYZ-TV, the Detroit ABC affiliate, to provide the Internet's only
complete live coverage of the Detroit Auto Show. In February, The Auto
Channel had its television production crew in Daytona Beach, Florida,
and provided nearly three weeks of exclusive live and taped reports of
Daytona Speedweeks.

Streaming video and audio is a technique that allows video and/or
audio data to be transmitted in near real time to computers over the
Internet.  Users are then able to enjoy TV and radio-like content
without having to endure the excessive wait time common to ordinary
"download" files.

Microsoft NetShow 3.0 is the latest version of their streaming media
services for Windows NT, first introduced in 1996. It combines video
streaming technology from VXtreme, Inc., which Microsoft acquired in
August 1997. NetShow 3.0 is the streaming multimedia service that
enables Internet providers and organizations to deliver the
highest-quality audio and video at every bandwidth across the Internet
or corporate networks. It is the most complete, easy-to-use, and
cost-effective streaming media solution for the creation, storage, and
streaming of live and on-demand content.

Bob Gordon, President and CEO of The Auto Channel said, "Our goal,
since making the decision in 1995 to build The Auto Channel on the
Internet, was to create an interactive television network. The new
video quality and functionality of NetShow 3.0 will take us much
closer to full achievement of that objective". Gordon then added,
"NetShow 3.0 is absolutely remarkable. It has advanced features found
in the best and most sophisticated computerized commercial ad
insertion and program management systems used by conventional
television and radio stations.  NetShow's improved video compression
and intelligent streaming give Internet users a more credible and
pleasant viewing experience. We were the hottest and biggest provider
of TV ON THE NET programs before, now we'll be sizzling!".

A complete program guide to The Auto Channel Internet broadcast
schedule and list of its television and radio programs can be found at
"". The Auto Channel's Media Library can
be accessed directly at "". To
watch or listen to any of the streaming video and audio programs,
Internet users will need the Microsoft Media Player, which is
available free of charge through The Auto Channel or from the
Microsoft NetShow Web site at "". For
best results, modems faster than 28.8kbs should be used, but 28.8kbs
modems are also acceptable. The Microsoft Media Player is compatible
with both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers.

Company Contact:
Marc Rauch
(502) 584-4100
(916) 852-1956