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Bilstein R-2000 Found Helpful in Reducing Air Pollution:

29 August 1997


For Immediate Release

Los Angeles, CA -- One result of engine sludge build-up is the
increase in vehicle emissions. As engines accumulate sludge over the
years, they release increasing amounts of pollutants. According to the
Environmental Protection Agency, the personal automobile is the single
greatest polluter.

One of these pollutants, hydrocarbon, is one of the major components
in the creation of ground-level ozone, a significant element of smog
which damages lung tissue, aggravates respiratory disease, and makes
people more susceptible to respiratory infection. Another pollutant,
nitrogen oxide, also contributes to the creation of smog, as well as
acid rain. And carbon monoxide affects the blood's capacity to carry
oxygen to organs and tissues.  Until recently, there was no
cost-effective way of internally cleaning an automobile engine.  But
this problem is now a thing of the past with the introduction of the
Bilstein R-2000 Engine Flush System. Bilstein, renowned the world over
in the automotive industry, has introduced an environmentally safe
system which thoroughly cleans the inside of an engine. By using
patented adaptors and specially formulated solutions to dissolve
accumulations of sludge, tar, and varnish, the R-2000 is receiving
rave reviews from automotive service technicians worldwide.

"Extensive testing has shown that periodic sludge removal reduces
harmful exhaust emissions," states Rick Cole, well-known auto
auctioneer and exclusive U.S. distributor for the Bilstein
R-2000. "Flushing the oil improves oil flow, virtually eliminating
friction. Friction causes internal heat, which in turn contributes to

By scheduling a yearly engine flush using the Bilstein R-2000, car
owners can look forward to a vehicle with enhanced performance,
superior fuel economy, and a prolonged life. Tests run by a certified
independent emissions testing laboratory have also shown that the
Bilstein R-2000 can decrease an engine's output of hydrocarbons by as
much as 14.8 %, nitrogen oxides by 10.1 %, and carbon monoxide by as
much as 28.3%.

For more information, please contact Victoria Forman/Jones & O'Malley
at 818-762-8353.