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NASCAR Winston Cup Bud at Watkins Glen Preview: Jerry Marquis

6 August 1997


ENFIELD, Conn. -- There is probably nobody more anxious to return to Watkins 
Glen International than Jerry Marquis. Due to a full-time commitment to the 
NASCAR Featherlite Modified Tour and only a part-time commitment to the 
NASCAR Busch North Series, Marquis did not race in the Burnham Boilers 150 
last year.

But, in 1995, Marquis led a good portion of the race, hoping to stretch his 
fuel mileage far enough to win the race, but it was not to be.

"In a sense, I feel that the track owes me one after what happened there in 
1995," said Marquis.

Marquis has been around the sport of auto racing long enough to understand 
that race tracks are not very good at paying off debts, and that he will have 
to earn anything he can get out of Watkins Glen when he returns there on 
Saturday, August 9.

"I'm going in with a different team this time, the Ski-Doo/O'Connor GMC team, 
and it is a great team. We've already won a couple of short track races this 
year and a superspeedway race, so we would like nothing better than to add a 
road course win to complete our set of wins for the year," said Marquis.

When the NASCAR Busch North Series races at the Glen, some pretty serious 
road racers manage to come up with rides for the race. In the early stages of 
Busch North Series road racing, it was the veteran road racers who would beat 
the Busch North regulars.

"It's really like anything else in racing. Experience counts for a whole lot. 
But, the Busch North Series has developed a number of good road racers who I 
would put up against anybody. And we usually manage to attract some of the 
best-known road racers in the country to our road racing events. I'll tell 
you one thing, when you do well in a Busch North race here at Watkins Glen, 
you've done well by anybody's standards," said Marquis.

Marquis is in the thick of the battle for the 1997 NASCAR Busch North Series 
Championship, and a good run at Watkins Glen would go a long way towards 
achieving that goal.

"In a championship run, you often have to take what luck gives you, and move 
on to the next race. But, I also know that you often have to make your own 
luck, and that's what we'll be trying to do at Watkins Glen," said Marquis.

Based on the luck he has had at Watkins Glen in the past, and a little 
luck-making effort of his own, Marquis is in hoping to be the luckiest guy at 
the track on Saturday afternoon.