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Press Release

GM Announces Recall of Cadillacs with 4.9-Liter V8 Engines


GM Statement Regarding Owner Notification of Recall on 4.9-Liter V8
Engine for New Fueling Calibration

DETROIT, Sept. 3 -- The following is a GM
statement regarding owner notification of recall on 4.9-Liter V8
engine for new fueling calibration. The statement may be attributed to
Kyle Johnson, Manager of Legal & Safety Issues for GM's Corporate
Communications Staff:

Starting today, September 3, 1996, General Motors began notifying
owners of about 587,000 Cadillacs equipped with 4.9-liter V8 engines
to bring these vehicles back to their dealer so that a new computer
chip can be installed. This change, which will be made at no cost to
consumers and at their convenience, allows the vehicles to emit lower
levels of carbon monoxide, especially when the air conditioning system
is on.

Even before this change, these vehicles met all applicable emissions
standards when tested according to the federal test procedure. The
federal test procedure does not require air conditioning to be
operated during an emissions test. When the government tested these
engines with the air conditioning on, the engines emitted higher
levels of carbon monoxide than expected by either the government or
General Motors.

General Motors has for several years worked with federal regulators to
establish standards for A/C-on operation. This work, which began well
before the government brought the 4.9-liter matter to our attention,
will soon result in the adoption of new regulations addressing these
conditions. General Motors provided substantial assistance to the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in this effort by making
available numerous vehicles for testing and allowing the use of GMs
advanced emissions testing facilities.

Although we do not believe these engines violated the Clean Air Act,
we have voluntarily agreed to recall these vehicles for two primary
reasons: to live up to our commitment to environmental responsibility,
and to maintain the integrity of our flagship brand.

We will continue to work with the EPA to resolve regulatory issues in
order to achieve continued environmental progress.