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Top 3 Metros in California Take to Pickup Truck Sharing on Laborhutt as Moving prices Climb

SAN DIEGO, May 14, 2024 -- With the escalating costs of booking rental trucks, Californians are turning to more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives for their moving needs. Laborhutt, the new platform that connects communities with local pickup truck owners for furniture and heavy item deliveries, has seen a surge in demand in major hubs like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

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"We did the math and found out that aside from the $19.95 base for renting an 8' pickup truck, the $0.89 per mile charge, refueling costs, and the $15 insurance added up, making renting from larger institutions more expensive," said Omar P, a Laborhutt user in San Francisco. "I was looking at potentially paying $100, and that's before hiring labor help."

As the prices to rent moving vehicles increase in California, Laborhutt offers a more budget-friendly alternative. Community members can lean on each other, cutting costs and making moving less stressful. This collective effort not only saves resources but contributes to a greener environment.

Residents find that the platform offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with nearby movers – neighbors who own pickup and box trucks–for transporting bulky items. This shift highlights a significant change in how Californians approach moving and storage, demonstrating the power of community connection.

"With the increasing cost of living climbing and people constantly on the move in search of affordable housing, we're all in the same situation, looking for smart ways to save money," shared Jordan Sakala, Founder at Laborhutt. "The shortage of rental trucks in the state due to an increase in one-way trips has led to noticeable price hikes locally." Jordan also noted that renting 8' pickup truck mileage rates are 22.4% higher compared to other states.

With more than 600 neighbors across 26 states listing their pickup trucks, box trucks, and cargo vans on Laborhutt to help their communities, it begs the question: will we see a decrease in rental truck prices in California? This trend reflects a broader shift in how people approach moving and transportation, emphasizing community and resource sharing.

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