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Global Times: CNNC provides nuclear energy solutions for global energy transition

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands, April 27, 2024 -- "Currently, the world economy is gradually recovering and the energy industry is accelerating its green and low-carbon transition. Developing nuclear energy has become a broad consensus of the world," said Yu Jianfeng, chairman of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), at the 26th World Energy Congress (WEC) held in Rotterdam on April 22-25.

WEC, the global energy event with longest history, is held once every three years. This year's congress marks its 100th anniversary and is hosted by the World Energy Council. CNNC attended this year's congress, showcasing China's latest technological achievements and solutions in fields such as clean energy.

Deeply engage in the transformation of the international energy governance system and promote global nuclear energy development.

"As a promoter and practitioner of global nuclear energy development, China attaches great importance to the development of nuclear energy and promotes the safe and orderly development of nuclear power," said Yu at the themed side meeting held by CNNC. He also elaborated on the crucial role of nuclear energy in global energy transition and introduced China's outstanding achievements in nuclear energy development.

Currently, China has 55 operational nuclear power units, with an additional 36 units approved or under construction. Its total installed capacity ranks the second globally and its construction scale has maintained the top position for many years. China has been continuously building nuclear power plants for nearly 40 years and has the ability to simultaneously construct 40 units.

China is a major producer and consumer of energy. However, nuclear power accounts for only 4.7% of China's total electricity generation, indicating significant space for further development. China will continue to be a major market for global nuclear energy development. Yu pointed out that as a leading enterprise in China's nuclear industry, CNNC will uphold openness and cooperation, actively deepen bilateral and multilateral nuclear energy cooperation, participate in the construction of the global clean energy system, engage in the transformation of the international energy governance system, and promote global nuclear energy development.

At a nuclear power roundtable, Yu and other guests, including Rafael Grossi, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), discussed nuclear energy cooperation and future development. Yu emphasized that with the accelerated evolution of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, global nuclear counterparts should jointly promote the research and application of advanced nuclear energy technologies. He highlighted the importance of building an interconnected and integrated, safe and stable global nuclear industry supply chain system, benefiting human society through the development of nuclear energy.

At the Nuclear Industry China 2024 (the 17th China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition), CNNC opened 10 large-scale nuclear research facilities to the international community. Yu expressed the hope for broader nuclear energy cooperation, encompassing areas such as nuclear technology exchange, nuclear power project and market development, and talent training. He emphasized that CNNC has always been open to cooperation, and willing to share China's experiences and opportunities in nuclear energy development.

Offer high-quality comprehensive nuclear energy solutions to the international community

As one of the few nuclear enterprises with a complete industrial chain, CNNC enjoys the advantageous ability to integrate nuclear power design, construction and commissioning, supply of equipment, and technical services. Leveraging this advantage, along with its one-stop service approach and outstanding delivery capabilities, CNNC aims to provide high-quality comprehensive nuclear energy solutions, contributing China's wisdom and the strength of CNNC to the development of nuclear energy worldwide.

At the side meeting, China National Nuclear Corporation Overseas Ltd., China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd, and China National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. shared their experiences in nuclear power construction over the past 40 years from various aspects such as design, construction, and project management. The event attracted over 100 experts and professionals from around the world.

Director General of the World Nuclear Association (WNA) Sama Bilbao y León expressed appreciation for China's development in nuclear power and nuclear technology applications. She pointed out that China's experiences in nuclear power have set a benchmark for global nuclear power projects. Huang Wei, director of the IAEA Division of Planning, Information and Knowledge Management, praised CNNC's achievements in promoting nuclear power construction. He looks forward to further enhancing exchanges and cooperation between IAEA and CNNC, leveraging CNNC's nearly 40 years of experience in nuclear power construction to promote the healthy development of global nuclear power construction.

During the congress, CNNC showcased its capabilities in advanced nuclear energy technology and nuclear power construction, demonstrating its knowledge of the entire industrial chain in participating in international cooperation. CNNC used an electronic sand table to demonstrate a future smart city with nuclear energy. The connection between the lights and the elements such as seawater and buildings on it shows various applications of different types of reactors in the fields of power generation, desalination, hydrogen production, and petrochemicals. They showcase the ubiquitous presence of nuclear energy in future life. The types of reactors include Hualong One, Linglong One, high-temperature gas-cooled reactor, and fusion reactor.

Distinguished guests such as IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi visited CNNC's booth. CNNC also held bilateral discussions and signed cooperation agreements with important partners such as the Ministry of Energy of Ghana and Electricité de France.

SOURCE Global Times