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Eluvio Unveils Next-Gen Content Fabric and New Applications for Premium Live Streaming, PVOD, FAST, and Video Archive Monetization at NAB 2024

  • New Casablanca release provides streaming, download and monetization of any digital media content at scale without third-party media clouds or CDNs. Performance is fast, cost-efficient, and tamper-proof.

  • Debuts new Creator Studio, Content Analytics, and AI Content Understanding Apps

  • Eluvio to host exclusive demonstrations and thought leadership events on April 14 and April 15 at NAB in West Hall Level 2 in room W-237 and participate in various speaking sessions throughout the show

LAS VEGAS, April 9, 2024 -- In advance of the upcoming NAB 2024 showEluvio unveiled a new release of the Eluvio Content Fabric to deliver premium live streaming, PVOD, FAST channels, and video archive monetization at scale for content owners, broadcasters, film studios, and media/entertainment companies.  Eluvio also debuted new apps to extract the full potential of the Fabric with content management, automatic streaming properties, analytics, and AI understanding. Eluvio is hosting exclusive keynotes, demonstrations, and more at NAB on April 14-17 with registration information at

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The Eluvio Content Fabric Protocol is a next-generation content distribution and storage technology that provides fast, efficient, tamper-proof streaming, download and monetization of any digital media content at scale. It solves the biggest distribution problems facing media companies by dramatically reducing investments in media clouds and CDNs and by opening new engagement and revenue opportunities via its innovation. The software protocol runs decentralized over TCP/IP on an open global network of nodesno third-party CDN or media cloud is needed.

Next-Gen Eluvio Content Fabric (Casablanca)

At NAB, the company will introduce a new generation of the Eluvio Content Fabric core (aka the "Casablanca" software release) and will debut new Creator Studio, Content Analytics and AI Content Understanding apps built on the Content Fabric.

The Casablanca release version extends the Content Fabric with provable mass scale performance and deterministic low-latency live & VoD adaptive bitrate streaming (<1 second segment delivery times for 99% of clients and segments); expands the end-to-end per-session content security with additional DRM formats and forensic watermarking for live video; adds automatic and instant Live-to-VOD (DVR) with no file copies; provides automatic configuration for MPEG-TS/SRT/RTMP live stream sources; and adds many advanced features for premium, broadcast-grade audio/video streaming. The new features cross live, VoD, and interactive streaming; provide frame-accurate content composition; enable scalable server-side personalization; and allow in-stream HTML-5 graphic enrichment. 

Eluvio's Universal AI Content Tagging and Search service now includes significant enhancements, such as generative AI tagging of video and images in-Fabric, in addition to six other tagging models, and fast semantic Fabric Search. Tags are recorded in the metadata of Content Objects (in place), and automatically searchable and actionable. Unlike other AI content tagging workflows, no content or metadata must move since the AI metadata is directly and dynamically addressable, across recorded live streams or deep video archives. All content and metadata are directly usable in the Fabric's dynamic streaming pipeline to create clips, insert content/ads, create highlights, etc. and without having to move media or tagsavoiding expensive ingress/egress and added complexity.

Building on the Content Fabric's existing tamper-proof, owner-controlled content model, the latest release also includes a new content verification and proof API. This allows users to verify the version hash of any content object or offering, guaranteeing the authenticity and provenance of any streaming output. A new C2PA Claims Manager app publishes and verifies claims in content objects and supports licensing and authorization for AI. 

Content Fabric Application Suite 

The next-generation Content Fabric Application Suite has practical and breakout features for building on the Fabric.

With the new Creator Studio app, publishers and brands can easily manage, distribute, authorize, and sell media in the Content Fabric to consumers or business partners for streaming, download, and/or discovery. The app combines simple, fast management of Fabric-hosted content; easy creation of branded media property sites via automatic web UIs with rich and modern UX; and built-in media selling including subscription, per event/pay per view, and enterprise access control options. Properties for live sports streaming, premium VoD movies and TV, and video archive services can be stood up quickly and configured with ease.

With the new Content Analytics & Reporting app, Content Fabric users can review comprehensive viewing metrics/statistics for streaming and delivery quality of service (QoS). The analytics data is collected throughout the Fabric continuously, and aggregated within the app via graphs, tables, and other visualizations to provide comprehensive and easy viewing of real-time and past history for all content served. Users can monitor, in real time, the number of viewers and Fabric performance per streaming event or title and run fine-grained multi-dimensional filter queries for metrics on past streaming and viewing sessions such as views by title, client geography, device, browser, and OS. Users can also track the health of streaming by title or event, including viewing in real time the Fabric metrics for streaming segment delivery times (i.e. average, 99th percentile, max, min), and the breakdown of views by adaptive bitrate segment resolution.

With the AI Clip Search v2, Content Fabric users can search across content libraries to retrieve relevant clips based on in-Fabric new generative AI/ML tagging, speech-to-text transcription, and content metadata. The latest Fabric Search service provides fast re-crawl and includes enhanced text-based and new semantic search capabilities powered by vectorized deep learning. Clips are built dynamically for just-in-time in playout. This pipeline avoids the time and cost of manually identifying, cutting and storing clips or highlights. The latest release includes shareable links for copy-paste streaming or download of the clip, and side panels for viewing the relevant tags and semantic descriptions of each content and is fully embeddable via its APIs.

AI tags are viewable in the Video Editor, which provides frame-accurate timeline viewing/scrubbing for any playable content in the Fabric and its metadata, in the browser. The Editor is a lightweight clip generator, supporting the ability to save key frames, and mark-in/mark-out selection, and dynamic generation and download of subsections or clips.

Finally, Eluvio will introduce new versions of the award-winning Media Wallet and Embeddable Player. The Media Wallet adds a new deep link API for embedding in browser and TV-based retailer properties, new features for embedding e-books, documents, and multi-mode interactive experiences, and new platform versions including releases for Microsoft Xbox in addition to Apple tvOS, Android/Google TV, and Amazon Fire TV. The browser-based version includes a new generation UX that is fully integrated with the Creator Studio media and property management features. The Embeddable Player has a new expanded UI with built-in indicators for live, on-screen titles, metadata, playlists and configurable multi-view switching, and includes an ultra-low latency profile providing 3-4 second, end-to-end streaming latencies with standard HLS. 

"Our new applications are built to extract the full potential of the Content Fabric," said Michelle Munson, CEO and Co-founder of Eluvio. "The Content Fabric addresses the three major problems of legacy video delivery: complexity, cost, and the innovation trap. The traditional tech stack has so much complexity because the media, metadata, processing, and delivery are all part of siloed workflows, and achieving fast or scalable streaming performance often requires brute force. This structure leads to unnecessary higher costs, inefficiencies, and resource demands. And finally, it creates a lock-in of the tech stack that prevents media re-use and personalization—the kind of innovation media companies need right now—especially in the age of AI. The Content Fabric replaces legacy distribution with its 'content-native' approach. Streaming speed, workflow simplicity, and cost-efficiency are inherent. Media is data driven and owner controlled, without having to work at it so hard, or pay so much. This simply changes the game. And now, we are bringing the apps that make it possible to use this powerful technology at scale."

The Casablanca features and Application Suite roll out in production from now through Summer 2024. Eluvio's co-founders will demonstrate the Casablanca Content Fabric release and applications on Sunday, April 14 and Monday, April 15 from 1:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m. in W237, and Eluvio will host meetings and demonstrations throughout the NAB show.

Attendees are invited to see the Content Fabric cost savings for scale use cases including Streaming OTT (100 million hours per month); Live Sports Streaming and Recording (1000 live events, with 15K-500K concurrent viewers, receiving low-latency, high quality secure streaming); FAST Channel OTT (340 million hours including origination and streaming playout, ad insertion, DRM/security, and personalization); Film and TV Library Servicing (200,000 titles from films);  Archive Monetization (250,000 hours of news and sports for online tagging, search, clip/image generation, and monetization); and Whole Media Business (OTT streaming of 100 live matches, subscription and per event sell through, and 10,000 hours of archive monetization with ingest/storage/addition of existing data tags).

Eluvio will also host various tech talks and events throughout NAB and showcase its newest initiatives with innovators such as Attention Seekers, Magnifi, NAGRA, Telstra Broadcast Services, and others. On Saturday, April 13, Eluvio President and co-founder, Serban Simu, will speak at the CDSA Content Protection Summit in LVCC West Hall 108/109 at 4:15-4:35pm. On Sunday, April 14, from 8:00-9:30 a.m., Ms. Munson will speak on the IABM Industry Breakfast Briefing Panel in Ballrooms D&E of the Westgate Hotel. From 11:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m. on Sunday, Ms. Munson will also speak at the Main Stage Theater in the Capitalize Zone of the West Hall on "Content Fabric - Your Next Generation Distribution for Premium Live Streaming, PVOD, FAST Channels, and Video Archive Monetization at Scale." On Monday, April 15 at 12:15-12:45 p.m. in West Hall #W3943, Ms. Munson will speak on the panel: "Leveraging the Power of Generative AI to Deliver Personalized Content at Scale." On Tuesday, April 16 from 12:00-1:00 p.m., she will speak at the Women Connect Leadership Summit luncheon executive panel produced by GALSNGEAR and Sports Video Group on "The Future of Story: Tech Trends & Audience Engagement" at NAB West Hall, W208-209.

About Eluvio
Eluvio ( is the creator of the Content Fabric Protocol, a next-generation content distribution and storage protocol transforming the delivery and monetization of premium video and digital media. The Content Fabric Protocol is ultra-fast, ultra-efficient, and tamper-proof and runs on a global network of nodes. It significantly simplifies distribution by providing a complete media delivery pipeline and streaming solution that replaces legacy media clouds and CDNs and enables emergent and personalized experiences. Features include live and file-based video and content publishing, transcoding, packaging, sequencing, streaming, on-chain authorization of content, frame-accurate content stitching, AI tagging, and on-chain proof of ownership for all ranges of content experiences. Examples of companies and creators whose content distribution have been powered by Eluvio include Amazon Studios/MGM Studios, Black Eyed Peas, Dolly Parton, FOX, Microsoft, Paramount Home Entertainment, Rita Ora, SONY Pictures, Telstra Broadcast Services, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, WWE, independent filmmakers, and many others. Eluvio is led by Emmy Award-winning technologists, Michelle Munson and Serban Simu, founders and inventors of Aspera and a core team of innovators. Based in Berkeley, California, Eluvio has received numerous industry awards including the prestigious Engineering Excellence Award by the Hollywood Professional Association, National Broadcasters Association (NAB) Product of the Year and is recognized with 12 US patents.

SOURCE Eluvio, Inc.