PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In anticipation of its 15th-anniversary event, The One Motorcycle Show is teaming up with Flat Out Friday, the world’s largest indoor flat track race, to bring a spectacular motorcycle race to the Portland Expo Center Friday, April 19th. Part race, part rock show and part circus it all adds up to 110% entertainment.

Flat Out Friday, famous for its fun racing events, has carved a unique niche in promoting motorcycle racing excitement. Acknowledging the synergy between their racing passion and The One Motorcycle Show's dedication to showcasing the best custom bike craftsmanship, this collaboration redefines North American motorcycle events.

“We think that The One Motorcycle Show isn't complete without racing, and we love the fact that Flat Out Friday is such a great, feel-good event. They've done great things in promoting racing, and we admire what they've been doing – it's a good partnership,” says Thor Drake, the founder of The One Motorcycle Show.

The partnership not only adds excitement to The One Motorcycle Show's 15th anniversary, it also creates added accessibility to flat track racing and makes the overall event more thrilling for attendees.

“We try to add all these different layers like art and music to serve as bridge builders for all people to participate,” said Drake. “There is something for everyone. I want to inspire people to see motorcycles in a different way.”

Flat Out Friday Racing brings Portland a unique indoor family event. With 300+ custom motorcycles, cars, art, 21 helmets, stunts, demos, world-class riders, bands, food, drinks, awards, and now indoor racing, The One Motorcycle Show, it’s no wonder The One Motorcycle Show is often referred to as the greatest show on earth.

Tickets are now on sale.

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