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Short Range ED (Electric Distance) Problem?, No Problems With A "SHORT RANGE is PERFECT EV

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Mazda MX-30 America's SR is PERFECT, First Short Range Perfect" BEV

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Bob Gordon
Auto Central
Louisville KY

Well maybe the American auto industry, after loosing a cool $trillion or so on BEV's because they believed they better make nice to the Democrats and crazy New Green Dealer and their EV bribery money, could replace real ICE car. They now admit that they missed the boat (DUH!) with their fairy-tales and they could convince Americans to give up their paid for family vehicle and replace simple and successful freedom of mobility with Eliteish certainty, raise your hand if you knew it wouldn't happen. Even The Auto Channel owned by two Brooklyn Street kids has been editorializing that Chinese pushed EVs are Bullshit, within earshot of the high paid execs in the corner offices for years. See Electric Vehicles Solution or Diversion? Which we originally published ion on December 7, 2009 15 Fkn years ago, after a failure like BEV's in the old days those execs could expect to hear “off with their heads “ today you hear “get them their Golden Parachute before they cost us another $ Trillion..


OK so they lost their way but there is still a potential win-win-win in this saga...our jerky (sucking up to China) EPA, our Green New Deal jerks and empty minded suits and dress's car makers and stockholders of charger (Chinese) manufacturers.

"SHORT RANGE is PERFECT(t)” (SRisP ) Vehicle

Now here is a use for BEV's that make sense and eliminate the need for range anxiety cures, and will stop the spending more billions on impossible physics busting batteries. SRisP's can fill the Mobility role in at least 50% of America population centers and immediately become the motors for the "Short Range Perfect(t)” (SRP ) vehicles segment, which will fill the EV niche.

My research shows that range anxiety only metastasizes when the household's primary vehicle is a fully touted BEV (oh yes there are no fill-up problems here, there soon will be millions of chargers available, let's hold hand and give a loud Amen to saving mother earth.)

The Short Range Perfect(c) car buyer will invariably have another car or two in their garage for "real" a SRisP daily charge range of 100-200 miles is perfect for the family's 2nd (or maybe third) car.. I bet most owners of SRP's will not be bothered by range anxiety, but will be concerned with their car's "coolness, and whether the color of the paint and upholstery “go”, and if the new family car's ADAS gizmo's really work, and what its audiophile magazine sound system. Rating meets their standards...POOF NO MORE RANGE ANXIETY or cost issues or rocket science efforts.

The family SRisP will have enough range so that in case of an emergency it will be a no brainier for its driving distance to easily reach the ER or Doctors Office or school or the favorite local take-out restaurant or late night supermarket...and an SRP outlet in the garage will eliminate smelly gas fill-ups and the potential to ruin a $200 fingernail session, and save the world at the same time. AMEN.

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