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New Mexico's Navigational Notes: Understanding Junk RV Buyers'Preferences

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Eventually, all RVers will own what’s referred to as a junk RV. With each click of the odometer and bump on campground roads, your rig is losing value. It’s inevitable that as time passes, your RV will become less and less desirable to buyers. This isn’t to say that it’s unsellable, but the sad reality is that it will become more difficult to unload. Even just one costly but necessary repair will put your motorhome into the category of junk. But fear not; you can still sell it.

If you own an older, less-than-desirable rig, you can easily sell it to a junk RV buyer in New Mexico. Understanding junk RV buyers’ references will help make the selling process much easier, and these dealers are interested in all RVs.

Who Buys Junk RVs in New Mexico?

As we say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. However, when it comes to trying to unload an RV that’s reached the end of its usefulness, it can be a bit of a chore to find an interested buyer. With so many used RVs available, finding someone who wants to hand over hard-earned cash for a rig with issues could prove to be frustrating. Whether yours has far too many miles and far too many dings and dents, or it’s newer but requires a rather costly repair, you can still convert that wreck into cash.

While those who purchase wrecked rigs may be few and far between, they do have their preferences with which ones they’ll buy. Here’s how to know what to expect when selling yours.


Certain types of RVs remain popular despite decades of use and hundreds of thousands of miles. There are plenty of vintage RV collectors who will fork over good money for them even though they may require more money to fix than most are willing to spend. If you’re one of the fortunate few to own a collectible RV but don’t have the cash to keep it on the road, you probably won’t have any problems searching for a buyer.

Popular RVs that can pull in some money despite wear and tear include:

    ● Airstream
    ● Shasta
    ● Winnebago

A Rig’s Hidden Value

Sometimes, a motorhome’s value lies in the sum of its parts. To sell a junk RV, owners need to think outside of the box. What may appear to be a hunk of unusable junk may not always be true. Even a rig that is no longer roadworthy still has value, although you need to stop looking at it as a whole and look at what it contains. Scrap and junk yards see the value in its scrap metal along with its components that still serve a purpose. Sellable junk RV parts can include:

    Catalytic converter
    ● All working appliances
    ● Cabinets and storage units
    ● Windows and doors
    ● Air conditioning unit

Pretty much anything that can be stripped from a junk RV that’s still in working order can be sold. The sum of the rig’s parts could easily be worth more than selling it as-is.

Alternative Uses

Not all junk RV buyers are purchasing them to be used for their original intended use. Again, thinking outside of the box is what can make selling an old motorhome that much easier. Think about the word motorhome. It contains the word “home,” right? Many who purchased junk RVs don’t see them as a home on wheels, but rather as a home or a possible workspace. With the popularity of tiny houses, some purchase RVs that aren’t roadworthy but are certainly ground-worthy.

Many charities will accept donations of non-working motorhomes to be used to help temporarily house the homeless. Private buyers could be interested in using them as the basis for an on-site office, playspace, or even as a storage unit. Simply because a motorhome can no longer handle the stressors of travel, many can be used for other purposes.

The “Everything” Junk RV Buyer

By far, the easiest and most profitable type of Junk RV buyer is junk RV dealers who buy any and all rigs despite age, mileage, or condition. They’ll purchase the most run-down RVs, even those that require costly repairs. Depending on the RV's condition, they’ll rebuild them, scrap them for parts, or even donate them to charities. These specialized dealers will come and haul them away and leave the owners with cash, a check, or a Venmo payment.

Understanding Junk RV Buyers’ Preferences: The Bottom Line

Despite owning a junk RV, there are plenty of options when it comes to locating a suitable buyer. Vintage rigs, regardless of condition, are usually fairly easy to unload, especially if they’re a desirable model. Thinking outside of the box is how most junk RVs are sold.

If you have an unusable RV that’s taking up space in your garage or backyard, the easiest solution is to sell it to a specialized junk RV dealer. Most will haul it away within 24 hours, and the process is straightforward. Unburden yourself by giving them a call.