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7 Reasons to Buy an Electric Scooter This Year

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Electric scooters have become quite popular and a major factor in modern urban transportation. This is due to the multiple rewards this e-vehicle offers. Learning about the benefits of e-scooters can help convince you that it’s a worthy investment. Outlined below are seven reasons to buy an electric scooter this year.

    1. An affordable alternative mode of transport

Vehicles that are costly to buy and maintain. Older ones need more regular maintenance, while newer versions cost more to maintain. Fuel prices and repair costs make automobiles even more expensive. Electric scooters are ideal for anyone who cannot afford a car and is looking for an affordable mode of transport.

Buying budget-friendly e-scooters such as NAMI BURN-E means you’ll be spending less on transport than you would otherwise have when using public transport or a personal car. Their maintenance costs are much lower than those of a regular vehicle.

    2. Environmental friendliness

Electric scooters are among the eco-friendliest modes of transport. Since they’re rechargeable battery-powered, they help minimize your carbon footprint by enabling you to move around emission-free. Unlike vehicles, e-scooters don’t require fuel to operate. As such, riding one doesn’t result in the emission of harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and Sulphur. The fact electric scooters don't have a long lifespan doesn't make them any less green.

Most manufacturers use recyclable and sustainable materials like aluminum alloy to make e-scooters. Such materials can be melted and recycled severally without losing quality, reducing the risk of e-scooters ending up in landfills. Unlike motorcycles and vehicles that significantly contribute to noise pollution, electric scooters are a more quiet transportation mode.

    3. Health benefits

Riding an electric scooter positively impacts your mental and physical health. Here are the health benefits you get from riding an electric scooter:

    ● Improved balance
    The powerful motors in e-scooters imply that you don’t need to use excess energy to keep them moving. However, riding them requires stabilization as you move down hills, cut corners, or even slow down. The more riding sessions you have, the more your balance improves. When it comes to physical fitness, good balance helps:

      ➢ Strengthen core and minimize pain
      ➢ Better athletic performance
      ➢ Lower falling and injury risks
      ➢ Improved body awareness

    ● Tone your leg muscles
    Riding an e-scooter relies on your leg muscles. They support your weight throughout your rides. Your legs also enable you to stabilize when turning, speeding up, braking, or slowing down. This helps tone them.

    ● Burn calories
    Riding an e-scooter requires you to engage multiple muscle groups to remain upright. This burns more calories than you would if you just sat in a car. Enjoying daily scooter rides can also help support your weight maintenance/ loss goals.

    ● Improve your mood
    Electric scooter rides add fun to your daily life as you explore the outdoors. This boosts your mood and overall well-being.

    4. Cheaper operating costs

Compared to other transport modes like cars, electric scooters' operating costs are cheaper. You only need to charge them to cover a reasonable distance. The electricity you need to recharge them is also insignificant and can quickly be recharged at a charging station or home.

    5. Convenience

E-scooters' portable, foldable, and compact nature provides unmatched convenience. They can easily be stored:

    ● Under your work desk: If you use your electric scooter to commute to work, you can stow it under your desk throughout the day, eliminating the risk of getting stolen

    ● Beside you in public transportation: If you commute to work by train or bus, you can hold it by your side and use it to accelerate your commute’s last mile after being dropped off

    ● In your car’s trunk or backseat: When taking a drive, you can pack your e-scooter in your car’s backseat or trunk With an electric scooter, you don’t have to worry about finding parking.

    6. Time-saving

As a city dweller, you might waste a lot of time commuting to work due to heavy traffic snarl-ups. Rush hour traffic is a significant time waster and can be stressful, particularly when running late. An electric scooter's compact nature lets you leverage traffic-free paths, like walkways and cycle lanes, improving your commute. They keep you moving regardless of what’s happening around you. E-scooters are life savers in cities with nearly daily road congestion.

    7. Easy to use

Electric scooters are easy to use, and you can learn how to use them within a short period. This is due to features like:

    Throttle control: This gives you control over your speed to ascertain that you’re moving comfortably

    ● Automatic transmission: It means you don’t need to shift gears, making it simpler for beginners

    ● Hand brake: It offers stopping power to help you stop immediately if need be

    ● Electric start: It lets you start your e-scooter with a button push


E-scooters are a perfect alternate urban transport mode with multiple rewards. Familiarize yourself with why you need an electric scooter this year to determine if it's worth buying.