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European July 2023 Passenger Car Sales By Power Choice

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Euro Powertrain in July The percentages of powertrain types sold in the European Union in July ‘23. The only thing that should make producers of internal combustion engines and components happy is that growing slice of hybrids because the straight petrol-alone share is shrinking. (Image: ACEA)

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Euro Powertrain in July 2023
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From Gary S. Vastlash
Transportation Editor
Gardner Business Media

When some people, who have never been there, think about cars in, say, Germany, they probably imagine Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series vehicles rolling along the Autobahn in abundance.

However, in Germany, as in other European countries, gasoline is more than moderately expensive.

Vehicles are typically smaller and more fuel efficient than you’ll find on I-75.

Cost of Fuel

According to, between May and the end of August, the average price of a liter of petrol in Germany was €1.82.

  • That translates to $7.52 per gallon.

Which goes a long way to explaining why vehicles with plugs are doing significantly well in the EU vs. the U.S.

The Market

Latest figures from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) show that in July, battery electric vehicle sales accounted for 13.6% of the EU vehicle market, up from 9.8% in July ’22.

(And to go back to that Germany reference: EV sales there were up 68.9%.)

Plug-in hybrids held their own, maintaining a market share of 7.9% in July.

Standard hybrids were up 31.6% in July, so they are 25.6% of the market.

Summing those numbers: 13.6 + 7.9 + 25.6 = 47.1.

The market for gasoline-only powered vehicles is at 35.8%, down from 39.3% last July.

$7.52 a gallon. . . .