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Size Matters: Choose Tires and Mercedes Wheels and Tires Wisely

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What do drivers rely on when choosing tires and rims? The appearance, the authority of the manufacturer, and the convenience of using the machine are important, but not paramount. First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality, on which the main thing depends – the future safety of the driver and passengers themselves.

Experts are still debating on the topic of how much influence rims for Mercedes have on the characteristics of vehicle handling. Various studies are being conducted all over the world to confirm or refute the main theories. One of the tests showed that even a small difference in weight leads to the following results:

  • deterioration of the dynamic characteristics of the car;

  • reduction of acceleration dynamics;

  • increasing the braking distance of the vehicle.

It is obvious that car manufacturers are not in vain putting forward recommendations on the size of tires and rims – in many respects the controllability of the car depends on their correct choice, which directly affects traffic safety. However, many motorists when performing tuning simply do not think about it and choose too large or, conversely, small rims, which is why the proper adhesion of the wheels of the car with the road is not created. <

Aquaplaning and braking distance

The size of the tires and rims for Benz directly affects the length of the braking distance and handling performance. If the size of the wheel or its elements does not fit the vehicle model, everything is simple: the greater the difference from the norm, the longer the braking distance.

The same scheme works for aquaplaning. The wheels of a car whose tires are picked up incorrectly, running into a puddle, lose contact with the asphalt. It may result in drifts, overturns, and uncontrolled sliding of wheels.

Dynamic indicators of the car

This factor primarily depends on the size of the tires. A larger standard size means a faster car. For example, by installing 20 Mercedes wheels that you can find on instead of the recommended 17-inch tires, you can achieve acceleration to 100 km/h within a few seconds. For drivers who like to use tuning, of course, this is a very pleasant result – that is why the method is popular.

The dynamics of the car, in addition, of course, depend on the tires directly installed on the car. For speed lovers, manufacturing companies offer special collections of sports tires. Thanks to the special tread pattern, a better grip of the wheel with the road is provided. However, there are disadvantages here too – as a rule, such tires are not particularly wear- resistant and it only lasts for 10-15 thousand kilometers.

Advantages of Mercedes 5 spoke wheels

The benefits of Mercedes multi spoke wheels for any model, either Mercedes G Wagon wheels or Mercedes 5 spoke wheels include their high energy intensity (shock-absorbing capabilities), while the downsides include high labor intensity in wheel manufacture and low wheel geometry precision.

The comfort of using the car

The deliberate use of enlarged sizes or, conversely, low-profile tires significantly reduces the ride quality and, accordingly, its comfort. The smaller the profile of the tires, the harder the road feels, while most of the load falls on the suspension. Obviously, in this case, moving along a broken road (and there are enough of them in our country), both you and your car will experience discomfort. The best option is to find the golden mean. Tires that can provide your car with sufficient dynamism and controllability, and comfortable, easy, and, most importantly, safe trips for you.

How to make the right choice?

First of all, pay attention to the recommendations of automakers – after all, they do not create them just like that. You will find all the necessary information in the instructions for your car, which you will still have to get from the far shelf and shake off the dust.

If you want your car to stand out in the general flow, try it, but still evaluate the conditions of its operation adequately and select the options corresponding to the model. It is not necessary to install 17-inch wheels on an economical urban hatchback simply because, firstly, there may simply not be enough space for them in the wheel niches, and, secondly, even if they fit, the car itself will be very rigid. And this is hardly what you want from your car. Reducing the weight of the wheel by installing lighter rims has a positive effect on driving safety. But it is not worth abusing weight loss, because with too little unsprung mass, maneuvering will worsen, and this will be especially noticeable while driving in difficult conditions (for example, on slippery asphalt).