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What You Should Know About Electric Vehicles


We are on the cusp of a new era of road travel, when the experience of being in a car, van, or truck, or on a motorcycle will be a far more pleasant one. Governments around the world are setting dates for ending the production of internal combustion engines by the end of this decade and then, once a few stragglers have continued to ride around in the existing ones, they’re saying in 2035 they will be outlawed, and everyone will have to drive a zero-emission vehicle. The phasing out is happening already, as manufacturers turn their attention to the future, determined to get their electric models into the marketplace and established, ready for the goldrush to start.

It is going to be a goldrush for them, but one with benefits for the rest of us too. Everyone from Chevrolet and Nissan to Volvo and Mercedes is scrambling to develop a product that’s going to take the market by storm, and when there is so much competition, that’s when the customer stands to gain most. It’s a beauty parade, a contest for our dollars, and we should all examine and assess our options as we too prepare to enter the new age. If you are still unconvinced about the merits of electric vehicles (EVs), or if you don’t feel you know enough to have an opinion, here are key points.


They involve none of the chemical explosions and piston rushing kerfuffle of a petrol or diesel engine so what we have taken for granted as being the sound of a car or truck is, in fact, the sound of a particular type of vehicle, and its days are numbered.


They do not produce toxic emissions, or poisonous fumes and noxious particles which pollute the air in our cities before floating upwards to wreak havoc in the atmosphere and cause the planet to become hotter and hotter until human life is unsustainable. That is not just the encouragement of the Government or an alarmist theory, it’s a fact.

Cheaper to Run

With charging points being installed all over the country, we will soon be topping up with electricity and the days of pandering to the oil producers will be all but over. Once EVs are established as standard, prices will fall. Remember how expensive the early PCs were? Mass production and concerted development efforts saw them become less and less expensive. This always happens with new technology. You can review a guide that will talk more about the average range of an electric car and how to maximize the range.

Cheaper to Maintain

The engines don’t have the furiously interacting mechanical parts and all the wear and tear that creates. No gas tank to add weight and danger. No exhaust system to need attention. No oil to keep topping up. Again, that frantic interaction of parts is not actually necessary, it’s just what someone came up with in the late 19th century and which has no place in the 21st.

They Are Cool

Sure, you might have thought the guy down the street with the Prius hybrid was a bit odd at first, but he wasn’t. Those who adopted the new technology were pioneers, willing to take a chance on a new idea when there was nothing in it for them, but plenty riding on it for the planet.