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BREAKING MUSE: Train Carrying Ethanol Derails, Minnesota Residents Rush to Scene With Straws and Buckets

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Photo by area resident Jamie Bestge/Facebook

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Marc Rauch
By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

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On March 30th, a train carrying ethanol derailed and several cars erupted in flames in the early morning hours in Raymond, Minnesota. The event triggered an evacuation of residents in the nearby area. However, when the residents learned that the spill was ethanol, not gasoline or any other poisonous petroleum oil-related substance, the town folk reversed direction armed with straws and various containers to capture the liquid.

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Photo by Rick Geary/
San Diego Reader

When questioned about the spillage, the unanimous comment from everyone was that the delicious aroma from the liquid was a welcome relief compared to the normal atrocious stench caused by the state's Democrat politicians. "Instead of the smell of rotten eggs and sulfur, there's popcorn in the air," said one joyous onlooker.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Of course the above story is a farce based on a real event, but it does point out the enormous difference between accidents involving petroleum oil substances and an ethanol spill. The former kills, while the latter is an inconvenience. Ethanol fires, can be extinguished with just plain water.