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Dreame Technology Launches Spring Cleaning Promotion Campaign

BERLIN, March 27, 2023 -- From 27 March to 2 April 2023, Dreame Technology launches Spring Cleaning Promotion campaign on selected products for customers in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Customers can get the following at favorable prices:

L10s Ultra

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An all-round cleaning experience: hands-free

From collecting dust to wet and dry mopping, the L10s Ultra provides a comprehensive cleaning experience; completely hands-free! That, too, without compromising on power with an incredible 5300Pa of suction power behind this small, agile robot cleaner.

Automatically detects carpets

Worried about carpets getting in the way? Don't be. The L10s Ultra has a special carpet-detection system that raises the mops when triggered, allowing it to get on top of carpets without people's intervention.

Long-lasting 2.5-litre clean water tank

Additionally, the L10s Ultra demonstrates great endurance and longevity when it comes to mopping hard-wood floors with a generous 2.5-litre, automatically refillable clean water tank coupled with two rotary mops offering dual-action, targeted mopping to tackle even the most stubborn of stains.

Self-cleaning system for greater convenience

Finally, customers don't have to worry about cleaning out the L10s Ultra, thanks to a built-in automatic cleaning system, which allows the mops to self-wash and rinse with a spinning function before drying with hot air.

H12 Pro

Edge-to-edge cleaning design

The H12 Pro is every householder's dream when it comes to mopping every nook and cranny. With an improved edge-to-edge high-speed rotating brush, the H12 Pro can easily tackle hard-to-reach areas, from skirting boards to inaccessible corners.

Self-drying system keeps mops nice and fresh

And once customers are done cleaning, simply dock the H12 Pro with the wiping function turned on, triggering approximately 55 degrees of hot air, which dries the brush to prevent mildew and that unpleasant "damp" smell.

Long-lasting cleaning session

A 6-way 4000mAh battery gives more than half an hour's worth of cleaning. Add to that a 900ml clean water tank and customers will be able to go longer without interruptions.

Cleaning made easy

The H12 Pro takes the stress out of cleaning homes with powerful scrubbing and robust suction, eliminating dirt, dust, debris, hair, spills and more. A high-speed brushless motor wipes the floor 520 times a minute, quickly removing mess without a fuss. The brush roller also draws on power from the motor, helping it to glide across surfaces with relative ease.

D10s Plus

Specially built for pet hair

This versatile whole-home cleaning robot is the perfect solution for large families with pets. Packed with 5000Pa of suction power, the bristle-free rubber brush digs deep into carpets to capture underlying dust, picks dirt off hard floors and has a special function to disentangle hair for a thorough, hassle-free clean.

The cleaning is in good hands

A 5200mAh battery allows for 280 minutes of continuous cleaning. And customers don't have to worry about recharging either. When the battery is low, the D10s Plus will navigate its way to the dock, charge and pick up where it left off with the cleaning.

Also, the D10s Plus automatically empties its contents into a generous 4-litre dust bag, giving a solid 65 days of worry-free cleaning.

Smarter cleaning

The D10s uses advanced LDS mapping to capture the layout of your home, helping it to easily navigate rooms, obstacles and more for a bespoke cleaning. Using Artificial Intelligence, the LDS will also recommend cleaning solutions tailored to your specific household and won't need to reorient itself to your home thanks to fast-mapping.

Purchase information

To take advantage of the promotion, visit respective stores to find out more:

Dreame Germany store

Dreame France store

Dreame Italy store

Dreame Spain store

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