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BREAKING MUSE: What The Chinese Spy Balloons Tell Us About The Chinese Covid Virus and Its Variants

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Notice how the Covid Virus is in the shape of balloons?
Coincidence or a signal of intent?

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Would the Commie Chinese government really have authorized the development and spread of a deadly virus as many have suspected over the last 3 years? Are they really that insidious, evil, and dastard?

Well, it appears we have the answer to that question. Bill Gertz, writing for The Washington Times has written an article in which he says:

    "China’s People’s Liberation Army plans to use high-altitude balloons to counter long-range U.S. drones, launch psychological warfare operations and gather intelligence, a review of Chinese military and technical writings reveals.

    "Beijing also reportedly test-fired a hypersonic missile from an airship in 2018, highlighting the military’s interest in multiple uses for lighter-than-air aircraft."

These actions sure seem like an overture to the commies' attempt to start a war and kill a whole lot of people around the world.

To read the entire story on The Washinton Times CLICK HERE.

Bill Gertz is a national security correspondent for The Washington Times. He has been with The Times since 1985. He is the author of eight books, four of them national best-sellers. His latest book, "Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China's Drive for Global Supremacy," reveals details about the growing threat posed by the People's Republic of China. He is also the author of the ebook "How China's Communist Party Made the World Sick."

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