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SVOLT launched the "Dragon Armor" battery. (Photo: Business Wire)

SVOLT launched the "Dragon Armor" battery. (Photo: Business Wire)

CHANGZHOU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On December 15th (Beijing Time), SVOLT Energy Technology Company Limited, a Chinese energy technology company, launched the third generation of CTP products named "Dragon Armor" on the 3rd Battery Day. The company adopts cutting-edge technologies such as thermal-electric separation to increase the overall safety of automotive battery to an unprecedented level and, as a systematic solution realizing both high safety level and long range, the battery achieves an industry record-high range of 800 km for new energy vehicles in the field of LFP application.

Dragon Armor battery boasts safety as its major advantage. The systematic risk of battery packs mainly comes from the thermal runaway of individual cells. SVOLT, which adopts an innovative design that integrates short blade cell with bottom vent and thermal-electric separation design, isolates the electrical connection area from the thermal runaway pressure relief area, and reduces the probability of failure caused by high voltage arc or ignition. The design also facilitated integrated space management, avoided the ignition of a whole pack and comprehensively improved the safety level from an individual unit to the overall system. The LFP cell has a higher energy density and a favorable volumetric grouping efficiency of up to 76%, jointly making the breakthrough in driving range. In addition, Dragon Armor battery has multiple performance advantages. For example, using NCM chemistry, it supported 4C fast charging and expandable CTC, compatible with multiple chemistries and could be used in A00 C Class vehicles. It is known that the global pre-order of Dragon Armor batteries will start on December 15th. The batteries would be installed in some new vehicle models going into production in 2023. By then, they could effectively resolve the anxiety customers face with the balance of safety and driving range.

At present, Chinese new energy electric vehicle brands and battery suppliers are increasingly expanding their businesses all over the globe and have constantly put forward optimized solutions against the users' concerns on driving range, safety and charging, etc. SVOLT was ranked Top 10 in Global Automotive Battery Installed Capacity List in the first half of 2022. As one of the first Chinese Lithium-Ion Battery suppliers going global, SVOLT proved its reliable technological innovation capabilities through its annual Battery Day. SVOLT is also determined its global footprint. This September, SVOLT announced its plan to establish another cell plant serving the European market in Lauchhammer, Brandenburg, Germany, becoming the second planned overseas plant after the PACK plant established in Heusweiler, Saarland. SVOLT has previously received orders from several well-known OEMs, including Stellantis.


Kejian Fan