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US Consumer Awareness of EV Range Is Out of Date

US Consumer Awareness of EV Range Is Out of Date 

8th December, 2022: Decision behavior consultancy SKIM has conducted extensive research into attitudes and understanding of electric vehicles (EVs) and has found when it comes to range, most consumers are living in the past.

Range has always been one of greatest barriers to adoption for people choosing electric as their next car. However, SKIM’s research shows that while EVs sold in 2022 in fact meet the range consumers say they need, the gap in knowledge means that they still believe that the range on offer is too low, which is holding back mainstream adoption.

David Voxlin, Director, Sustainability & Behavior Change at SKIM noted; “For years we’ve been discussing ‘range anxiety’ amongst those considering the switch to electric, but this research demonstrates that the perceived problem hardly exists now. The problem now is instead that most consumers’ mindset is stuck in the past, when there are many models on offer that in fact meet all of their self-stated needs.�??

Key findings

The research highlighted the different levels of understanding between EV owners, and those that are considering purchasing an EV, and those who reject the idea of their next car being electric. 

While 94% of new car buyers considering an EV claimed that a range of around 300 miles (achievable by many EVs today) would attract them to switch to electric, only one in five of the same group believe that EVs offer this range in 2022.

Among new car buyers who are sticking with gas and reject the idea of considering an electric car, two thirds say that a range of 300 miles is needed to make the switch attractive. However, only one in ten believe that EVs offer this range in 2022.

83% of American new car buyers have never driven an electric car, which might be one of the reasons for the mismatch between perceptions and reality. There is a direct correlation between the level of familiarity of EVs and how attracted consumers are to make the switch to electric.

The number of publicly available EV charging points in the USA continues to increase with 140,000 now available almost at parity with the 145,000 gas stations across the country.

The first-of-its kind research highlights the disparity in understanding when it comes to what new EVs can do and what people expect them to do. As a result, EV adoption is slower than it could otherwise be, withmany potential EV drivers making up their minds and rejecting the idea of an EV based on information that is years out of date.

With New York state becoming the latest state to announce a ban on ICE vehicles by 2035, EV adoption is not on track today and needs to accelerate significantly. All major manufacturers now have models in the market and as this research shows, consumer expectations are being met in relation to basic requirements such as range. The automotive industry needs to realize that it is now selling consumer behavior change, not new models, to accelerate EV adoption. The good news is that these misconceptions and knowledge barriers are relatively easy to overcome with the right communications strategy.

This research was conducted by SKIM in 2022 through a global online survey with a sample of n=2,373 respondents who were in the market for a new car .

Media contact:

Neil Foster ( - 07925 509 203

Business contact:

David Voxlin

Director of Sustainability & Behaviour Change, SKIM

About SKIM

SKIM is a global insights agency, expert in decision behavior.  Founded in 1979, the company delivers robust and actionable insights to leading Fortune 500 businesses in the automotive, tech, consumer goods, and healthcare industries. SKIM helps its clients understand what drives customer choice in their category and which specific strategies can be used to help them lead their industries. SKIM experts use human-behavior research combined with data science to uncover insights required to connect with customers, propel growth and drive behavior change. SKIM operates globally with ten offices across The Americas, Europe and Asia.

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