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Ethanol Advocates Bought Off With Chinese Cash

Over the past 10 years the potential for EV electric vehicles has gone from a non-starter to a serious contender as the number one replacement for ICE powered vehicles in the minds of non-thinkers

How did this happen and why.

China has 3 billion people who when they reach middle class would like to drive their own cars but if all of them bought a car that ussed gasoline there would not be enough oil in the world to supply them with fuel..

So what are their options...gasoline -no, ethanol-no (although China now controls the worlds methanol capacity just in case) they already import ethanol and they grow just about enough crops to feed their people, no surplus to make mass quantities of ethanol for fuel so electric won by default....what could China do to guarantee that they would remain the future's supplier of EV and batteries...control the raw materials, control lithium control the future, so they bought up the easy to get to lithium and locked up all the other available lithium and so they could make batteries for EV's for both China and the rest of the world. In order to lock the plan in, China and its friends in DC needed to accomplish one more thing , get the two entities Corn Growers and Ethanol Distillers who had the most to gain from an Ethanol powered world pacified and satisfied,.

Beijing could easily obtain and control the assets of the EV segment and more importantly were smart enough and ruthless enough to create and disseminate propaganda that pushed ethanol from the top replacement to a non starter, to the determent of America and the world and we let them do it ...when was the last time you read or heard of the poor American farmers plight's been many years probably as long as it took to push ethanol down and out of the alt fuel list.

With China footing the bill there was now enough untraceable cash available to pacify the corn growers. Spreading big cash in the corn belt allowed China and their allies in DC to get formerly feisty farmers and their organizations to forget about fighting for Ethanol, forget about what's good for our country and live like the upper middle class they had become...Trump used the $40 billion from China trade duties as a smoke screen to get what Xe really wanted. Xe was smiling when he compared the trillions that china would make from EV's after taking Ethanol off the table and the millions of peasants he would be able to keep fed, warm and happily employed in China's EV segment.

Xe with Trumps assistance kept the American farmers pacified like the Chinese keep their peasants working while not fomenting another revolution. The Ethanol distillers were also beneficiaries of the payoff as they are part two of the duo that has the most to gain from the adoption of Ethanol, yet after Trump they just stopped pushing, stopped complaining and stopped promoting Ethanol as the replacement for gasoline, and just took up a fat and happy lifestyle in spite of the gigantic profit they could make and the good it would do for American life ...

China found a partner in EV...Big Oil, the Chinese in their heart of hearts know that there is no way the the world will retrofit billions of ICE powered vehicle so no matter what there will be a massive market for oil products until fuel cells become an alternative during the next 100 years. In the meantime China can control their future as the oil companies have China and China has the Oil companies while the west is locked out as they are too busy trying on the Emperors new clothes. .