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As we say here in our Commonwealth of Kentucky we have no dog in the alt fuel fight, our only position is that whatever happens, it better be good for our country. As a father and grandfather I believe that unless we get the bull under control, 100 years from now the gasoline monopoly status quo will still be damaging our economy, our citizens and our potential as a nation.

When we started publishing on-line twenty-seven years ago, we didn’t plan for The Auto Channel to become a lighthouse in the murky fight to solve our country’s mobility fuel mess, and become the alt fuel Don Quixote, fighting the entrenched for gasoline’s replacement.

Back then we all feared peak oil (What Happened?), which brought into the mobility fuel discussion do-gooders, self-promoters, propagandists, and tree huggers, who had no real understanding of how to actually replace gasoline in a timely manner. Those do-gooders provided the fuel for the birth of a vicious opposite and unequal reaction to what could only be good for Americans.

The right wing media and their handlers created a backlash firestorm to demean every alt fuel no matter what its true value, and they sold-in a faux-patriotic mandate that called anyone promoting the replacement of gasoline as an unrealistic anti-capitalistic traitor to our dear country. Their slogan which continues to this day, “drill baby drill” has done nothing for America (more later).

Over the past 90 years America was goaded by oil’s monopolists propaganda for the U.S. to unleash its military might to “protect” our fragile (so they say) oil supply, costing trillions of dollars of our treasury and more importantly cost hundreds of thousands of young Americans lives.

We started The Auto Channel to make money, not to pontificate…we reported on new cars, drove them, loved them and told our 1 million readers a month exactly what we think. But as the years slipped by, my business partner Marc Rauch and I (two street kids from Brooklyn) found ourselves getting more and more agitated by big oil’s mistruths, lies and patently wrong information about alt fuels, especially Ethanol.

We believe ethanol to be the silver bullet - the single bullet - that can re-emerge from the propaganda against it and create a groundswell to allow it to once again replace gasoline as the near perfect mobility fuel, until another better comes along. (Ethanol was considered the best fuel for spark-induced internal combustion engines until GM discovered that they could make billions by adding tetraethyl lead to gasoline and patenting the process.)

We have no dog in the fight, The Auto Channel is fuel agnostic as long as it meets these criteria:

1. Domestically Sourced

2. Retail Price Not Tied To International Marketplace

3. Can replace gasoline without modifying 200 million plus used cars on America’s Roads

4. Can be distributed and retailed using existing infrastructure

5. Provides equal or better performance than gasoline

6. Ecologically equal or better than today’s gasoline

7. Initially priced 30-50 -% less than regular gasoline

8. Not Rocket science – supply can be ratcheted up in a timely fashion

9. Well tested and proven

10. Need more, make more

  • We believe that Electrification is taking our country down a rabbit hole
  • We believe that BEV's can never be the answer no matter how much tax payer money is Enron-ed away attempting to create marketplace EV adoption
  • We believe that Every main-stream car company that drinks the EV koolaide Will Go Out Of Business (Except Tesla)
  • We believe that American Alcohol is the answer for virtually every mobility application; any negatives are Oil Company and Chinese LIES
  • We believe that Replacing all Gasoline blends with E85 Will solve our emissions problems NOW
  • We believe that American Alcohol Hybrids Can Reduce emissions until Fuel cell hybrids are ubiquitous
  • We believe that those with a dog in the fight, like distillers and farmers need to grow culliones and take the point in the fight for adoption of American Alcohol power instead of Chinese EV's.

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