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Hyundai 2023 IONIQ 6 Leads New Era of Electrification at 2022 Automobility Los Angeles

  • Driving Range Target of 340 miles (estimated)
  • Ultrafast 800-Volt Multi-Charging (10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes)
  • Single-Curved Aerodynamic Profile Creates Hyundai's Lowest Drag Coefficient of 0.22
  • New Hyundai "H" Emblem Design and More Than 700 Parametric Pixels
  • Comfort Features and Customizable Lighting Offers Personalized Interior Space
  • Eco-Friendly Materials Reflect a Commitment to Clean Mobility Values

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2022 -- The showstopping all-new Hyundai 2023 IONIQ 6, inspired by Hyundai's Prophecy EV concept, makes its North American Debut at AutoMobility Los Angeles. The four-door electrified streamliner with a targeted estimated driving range of 340 milesi is equipped with relevant technology and best-in-class ultra-fast charging that can charge the battery from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes.ii IONIQ 6 is the second Hyundai model to ride on Hyundai's exclusive Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) that allows for dual motors, more interior space, and optimized performance. IONIQ 6 is part of Hyundai Motor Company's plan to introduce 17 BEV models and sell more than 1.8 million BEV units worldwide by 2030. IONIQ 6 goes on sale spring 2023. Pricing will be announced closer to the on-sale date. 

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"IONIQ 6 is well-positioned to compete in the EV segment for the millions of shoppers who are interested in transitioning to zero emissions transportation," said José Muñoz, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor North America. "IONIQ 6 fits the image, efficiency and sportiness that many owners desire. IONIQ 6 and its interior space, battery options, charging speed and all-wheel drive capability will exceed customer expectations."

IONIQ Design Characteristics

At Hyundai, each IONIQ vehicle has different design characteristics. This is based on Hyundai's belief that a vehicle should be an embodiment of lifestyle.

"We want our cars to always connect with customers on an emotional level," said SangYup Lee, executive vice president and head of Hyundai Design Center. "Depending on the owner's lifestyle, the way of using a vehicle will be different, resulting in a different look – much like chess pieces on a board, each one with a distinct look and functionality, but part of the same family. Hyundai designs with diverse lifestyles in mind rather than with a one-style-fits-all approach."

Using this approach is why IONIQ 6's design is different from IONIQ 5's, but there are still common threads connecting the models: Living Space, Parametric Pixels and Sustainability. The Living Space is built on E-GMP's long wheelbase, not only providing unparalleled passenger and cargo room, but also optimizing driving dynamics. The Parametric Pixel is IONIQ's key differentiator just like the radiator grille was for many brands in the internal combustion engine era. Sustainability is seen in the materials (interior and exterior), establishing a unique position as an unrivaled sustainable volume brand.

Sleek-curved Streamliner Design with Perfect Harmony Between Functionality and Aesthetics

IONIQ 6 is an electrified streamliner that realizes the idea of "Emotional Efficiency" by simultaneously satisfying the customer's aesthetic and functional needs. The aerodynamically sculpted silhouette with simple yet sensuous curves offers a new typology for the EV mobility era:

  • Extended 116-inch wheelbase
  • Ultra low drag coefficient of 0.22iii assisted by a low nose, active air flaps, wheel gap reducers, elliptical wing-inspired spoiler with winglet, slight boattail structure, separation traps on both sides of the rear bumper, full underbody cover, deflectors and reduced wheel-arch gaps
  • More than 700 Parametric Pixels found in the headlamps, rear combination lamps, front lower sensors, air vent garnishes and a center console reinforce IONIQ's brand identity
  • The rear wing's Parametric Pixel High-Mounted Stop Lamp delivers an eye-catching light execution when the brakes are applied
  • Newly designed Hyundai 'H' badge front and rear
  • 18- or 20-inch machined black wheels

A Mindful Personal Space on Wheels

IONIQ 6's interior serves as both a comfortable hideaway and personal space, replete with practical features and sustainable materials to facilitate a mindful, eco-friendly mobility experience and lifestyle.

Hyundai Motor Group's E-GMP enabled the designers to stretch the interior, front and rear, to create optimized legroom and spaciousness that lets passengers stay comfortable. The platform also allows for a completely flat floor, giving an expansive feeling. The user-centric interior architecture is exemplified by an ergonomically designed control unit that is centrally located to reduce distraction and help spur safe, intuitive driving. The modular touchscreen dashboard integrates a 12.3-inch full-touch infotainment display and 12.3-inch digital cluster under one piece of glass. A bridge-type center console provides convenient and generous in-car storage.

Dual-Color Ambient Lighting provides overall illumination for IONIQ 6's interior. Users can choose from a spectrum of 64 colors and six-dual color themes developed by color experts to help drivers and passengers feel relaxed. The four-dot Interactive Pixel Lights on the steering wheel light up when the voice recognition is activated and indicate charging status. These lights also use different colors and motions for other vehicle functions like a smart speaker does.  

The removal of buttons from the front doors provides more storage. Translucent accents on the crash pad garnish, door map pocket and console lower cover further accentuate the sense of spaciousness.

Eco-friendly Materials

IONIQ 6's interior is trimmed in sustainable materials and colors. Depending on the trim level, these include eco-process leather (seats), recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) fabric (seats), bio Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) skin (dashboard), bio PET fabric (headliner), bio-paint derived from vegetable oils (doors), and a Hyundai-first: recycled fishing net (carpet). The exterior includes recycled pigment paint from end-of-life tires on the side cladding and bamboo charcoal pigment paint with the Digital Green Pearl color on the body.

Setups to Suit Every Customer

IONIQ 6 is available with a range of drive motors to fit the needs of every customer. Customers can mate the 77.4 kWh battery pack with two electric motor layouts, either with a rear motor only or with both front and rear motors. The top-of-the-line dual motor setup is an all-wheel drive (AWD) option producing a combined power output of 320 horsepower (74 kW front + 165 kW rear) and 446 ft.-lbs. of torque. An IONIQ 6 with this configuration can go from 0 to 60 MPH in less than 5 seconds. The single-rear-motor layout offers 225 horsepower (168 kW) and 258 ft.-lbs. of torque.

When equipped with a single-rear-motor (2WD) and the 77.4 kWh battery, IONIQ 6's maximum driving range on a single charge is a Hyundai estimated 340 miles. The maximum range of the dual motor AWD models is a Hyundai-estimated 310 miles.

Fast Charging

IONIQ 6's E-GMP can support both 400-V and 800-V charging infrastructures. The platform offers 800-V charging capability as standard, and it can accommodate 400-V charging without the need for additional components or adapters. The multi-charging system is a world's first patented technology that operates the motor and inverter to boost 400-V to 800-V for stable charging compatibility.

With a 350-kW charger, IONIQ 6's charge can go from 10 percent to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. If the owner only has five minutes to spare, the IONIQ 6 can recoup approximately 65 miles of range using a 350-kW fast charger. The standard 10.9 kW on-board charger completes a full charge in 7 hours and 10 minutes using Level 2 charging.iv 

Battery Conditioning

To reduce charging time even further, IONIQ 6 can use its battery heater to preheat the battery pack to the optimal temperature when it is cold outside. When the battery pack is at the optimal temperature, IONIQ 6 can be charged from 10 percent to 80 percent in 18 minutes. This function activates automatically when a charging point is entered into the IONIQ 6's connected routing navigation system. The battery heater turns on at the ideal time when IONIQ 6 gets close to the charger. The battery pack also can be heated up before leaving a destination if the IONIQ 6 is plugged in using the MyHyundai app.  

Over-The-Air Updates

IONIQ 6 is the first Hyundai model to have Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware update technology. OTA will allow the owner to improve their IONIQ 6's performance or experience new features using wireless communication. The IONIQ 6 can improve overall vehicle performance and functions by itself by updating the firmware of the EV Control Unit (VCU), Integrated Electronic Brake (IEB) or Motor Driver Electronic Power Steering (MDPS). For example, an OTA could adjust acceleration characteristics by improving the response setting of the accelerator pedal, change the settings of the steering sensitivity or resolve a recall. OTA wireless updates also can be used for maps and multimedia software.v

Unlimited Charging for Two Years

Hyundai Motor America will continue its collaboration with Electrify America to support Kona Electric, IONIQ 5 and now IONIQ 6 owners. Hyundai and Electrify America will offer unlimited 30-minute charging sessions for two years from the date of purchase on Electrify America's rapidly growing network of ultra-fast chargers. Electrify America has more than 800 DC fast stations and 3,500 individual chargers open with plans to expand to 1,800 charging stations comprised of 10,000 individual chargers in the United States and Canada by 2026.

Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) Function

IONIQ 6 also provides an innovative V2L function, which allows customers to freely use or charge any electric devices, such as electric bicycles, scooters or camping equipment. It serves as a charger on wheels. This function can even be used to charge a stranded EV. It is ideal for powering necessities during a power outage, tailgate parties, camping or outdoor projects (1.9 kW peak power using a standard 120-volt outlet). The V2L function is enabled using an available accessory adaptor and goes into the outside charging port. In addition to the outside power outlet, there is a second outlet underneath the back row seat for charging laptops, phones and other devices on the Limited

SmartSense Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Ensure High Levels of Safety & Convenience

IONIQ 6 is equipped with the next level of Hyundai SmartSense advanced driver assistance systems ensuring the highest levels of safety and convenience on the road. 

Ride and Handling Performance

Hyundai's E-GMP provides a great foundation for tuning the ride and handling of the IONIQ 6:

  • Well controlled ride comfort and confident handling with direct response
  • Front suspension: MacPherson strut
  • Multi-link rear suspension: Five-link
  • Steering: Rack-mounted electric MDPS
  • Integrated drive axle
  • Frequency-sensitive high-performance shock absorbers
  • e-AWD enhances vehicle stability
  • Disconnector Actuator System allows the front and rear motors to be disconnected or connected during different levels of deceleration to optimize energy efficiency and vehicle stability
  • Electric Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control improves handing performance using partial braking and motor torque when cornering
  • Maximized coast-regenerative braking customizability via paddle shifter in each mode
  • EV Performance Tune-up and AWD Strategy
    • Four highly differentiated driving modes ECO, Comfort, Sport and Snow
    • e-AWD operation and torque split differentiated by drive mode
    • EV Performance Tune-up (My Drive Mode) is an EV-specialized feature allowing the driver to adjust steering effort (normal / sport), motor power (maximum / moderate / minimum), accelerator pedal pressure sensitivity (high / moderate / low) and driveline (AWD / auto AWD / 2WD), offering a very personalized driving experience

Electric-Active Sound Design

IONIQ 6 offers up a fun EV driving experience using a virtual propulsion sound called electric-Active Sound Design or e-ASD. e-ASD is a Hyundai first on the IONIQ 6 and uses an acoustic design processor to provide unique driving sounds inside the cabin and the ability to set the volume.  

Infotainment System

IONIQ 6 introduces a new navigation function that generates connected routes that include EV charging stations when it is difficult to reach the destination on the current level of charge. If the charging station is out of order or in use, the system will automatically search for other EV charging stations and provide updates.  

Digital Key 2.0 Touch

The 2023 IONIQ 6 supports the latest version of Hyundai Digital Key. Digital Key 2 Touch allows owners to leave their car key at home and use an iPhone, Apple Watch, or Samsung Galaxy smartphone to lock, unlock, and start their vehicle. After the car key has been added to Apple Wallet or Samsung Pass, users can simply hold the supported device near the door handle to lock or unlock the car. Touching an Apple Watch near or placing the phone in the wireless charger and then pressing the start button allows the driver to start the IONIQ 6. Apple Wallet or Samsung Pass also allow secure sharing of keys with family and friends.vii 

Bluelink-enabled Features

  • The Bluelink app displays the vehicle's range, battery state and charging times when plugged into public or private charging points. Customers can access an advanced battery management system to select charging times that best fit their schedules or their budgets by making the most of off-peak electricity rates.
  • Remote Profile Management stores select personalized driver preferences in the Bluelink cloud, and can remotely update and push back to the vehicle
  • Vehicle Status Notifications inform owners if the vehicle has doors unlocked or windows open
  • Maintenance Alert Enhancement tracks maintenance intervals in the multimedia system, with ability to resetviii

IONIQ 6's Dynamic Voice Recognition system accepts simple voice commands to conveniently control cabin A/C, radio, hatch opening/closing, heated steering wheel, heated/cooled seats, and other functions. The system can also assist with various points of interest, weather status and stock market data updates.ix


IONIQ 6 is available in a spectrum of seven exterior colors, including Gravity Gold Matte, Onyx Black Pearl, Serenity White Pearl, Curated Silver Metallic, Transmission Blue Pearl, Ultimate Red Metallic, and Digital Green Pearl. The interior has three color options Black, Gray, and Dark Green/Gray.

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Hyundai estimate, waiting for EPA certification.

ii Charging rate and time estimate vary based on a number of factors, including current battery charge level, output of the charging unit, vehicle and battery settings and outside temperature.

iii Drag coefficient is 0.21 with slim camera side mirrors available in the Korean domestic market. Camera side mirrors do not meet current NHTSA standards and are not available in the U.S.

iv Charging rate and time estimate vary based on a number of factors, including current battery charge level, output of the charging unit, vehicle and battery settings and outside temperature.

v Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates are only available with an active connection to Bluelink. OTA Software Update support may vary by model and/or country. Only use it and corresponding devices when it is safe to do so. Features, specifications, and fees vary by subscription plan and are subject to change. Ownership limitations may apply. See your retailer for details. Exclusions may apply.

vi Accessory required for Exterior Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) charging capability. V2L two-way charging will deplete battery and become inoperable once battery discharge limit reaches 20 percent. Not all electrical appliances will operate properly when using this feature. Only use appliances that require less than 16 amps. Additional limitations may apply. See Owner's Manual for more details.

vii Near Field Communication (NFC) digital smartphone key requires a compatible Android smartphone and an appropriately equipped Hyundai vehicle. Not all Android devices are compatible. Hyundai vehicle must be equipped with smart key with a push button start, wireless device charging, and Audio Video Navigation System 5.0 (or newer) or Display Audio 2.0. Features and specifications subject to change. See your Owner's Manual or visit your Hyundai dealer for additional details and limitations. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

viii Features require an active Bluelink subscription and an Internet connection.

ix Dynamic Voice Recognition varies by unit. Certain functions such as weather information and sports scores require an active Bluelink subscription and an Internet connection. Speak in a normal voice and minimize background noise for best results. See Owner's Manual for additional details and limitations.

SOURCE Hyundai Motor America