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How To Profitably Get Rid Of A Junk Car

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With things that burden life and thoughts you need to part.

Eventually, your car will come to the end of its useful life, and it's time to sell it. However, it’s an asset that nobody wants to give away for free. And you don't need to.

Using the example of how you can sell a junk car in Sacramento, you can form your own strategy regardless of where you are.

Make the final decision to sell

Sometimes this is really hard to do, especially if it’s your only car and it's served you faithfully for many years. But, you aren’t necessarily to blame for the current state of the vehicle, it's often all the fault of time and accidents:

    • external body damage

    • internal defects of the cabin

    • engine breakdown or fire

    • control system glitches

    • obsolescence of the model

Is it better to keep it hidden away in a garage for months, taking up space and rusting away? No, of course not. Instead, you can sell the junk car and have some money to help you buy a new one.

Even if such a decision is difficult to make, it must be made. Selling a junk car is its salvation and is helpful to the owner for the future. Don't worry, you won't be alone on this journey, let's get started.

Choose a selling strategy

You have a wide range of opportunities open to you to sell the junk car. Depending on its condition, you can define different implementation methods. The main ways are as follows:

    1. sale in real condition

    2. restoration and sale from hand to hand

    3. restoration for auction sale

    4. sale for spare parts

    5. sale for scrap

Surely, experienced motorists will name several more ways to get rid of a junk car, but one way or another you’ll have to choose one of them. The choice will be determined by the cost of the car itself, the price of restoration and offers from third-party dealers. You may need professional help to implement the plan.

Appraisal, paperwork and insurance

There is a myth that you can sell a junk car at a fair price to friends or acquaintances. You are a lucky person if it all works out for you and your friend remains pleased with the purchase. Unfortunately, it may not, what then?

Putting it up for auction can be a great idea, that may get you the right price. Donating to a charitable organization is also a good idea. But the fact is that one way or another you will come to the bottom line, or rather, the numbers.

You'll first have to assess the real condition of the car, then - document it, and also — think about whether to remove the vehicle from insurance or not. Let's go through the specialists who will help you if you suddenly need it.

1. Serviceman
Again, it's good if it's a friend or a good acquaintance. Otherwise, you’ll have to make sure in advance of the objectivity of a serviceman. If everything is in order, he’ll give you a fair price — in general, and for units separately (in case of selling by parts).

Now you understand which path to choose and what price to focus on. An approximate alignment at the time of publication can be found with the guys from Junkcarsus. There was a trifle left — to formalize the previous and received data officially.

2. Paperman
Those parameters that positively affect the price should be documented first. This is the proof of the claims, it must be seen. There are also a number of obligatory information, such as ownership, identification number, make and model. If something is missing, you need to issue or restore relevance.

Bureaucracy eats up a lot of time and you’ll have to share some of yours. Plus — it’s desirable to check each document, because, say, the wrong character in the engine number can throw you back in this game. If you have to recover government documents, remember that in this case there’s a legally limited time frame for the provision of services.

3. Insurer
Deregistration is an integral part of preparing a junk car for sale. This is the removal of an additional financial burden during the sale process. But, before instructing the insurer to deregister, remember the possible nuances.

For example, you are about to sell a junk car that has a disputed status: loan, bond, or litigation. In this case, circumstances may arise that oblige you to keep the insurance of the vehicle until it’s completely sold. Otherwise, lightning or a scammer can cross out all expectations from the deal.

Comprehensive sales assistance

If circumstances permit, you can apply for a comprehensive solution to a company that specializes in buying and selling broken cars. One such company is JunkCarsUs This company operates in most U.S. cities and states. To use JunkCarsUs, you'll fill out a short electronic form to describe the condition of the junk car and provide additional information about it.

The turnkey solution is an especially great option if the vehicle suffered from damages caused by:

    • flooded, after ignition, destroyed

    • with critical internal damage

    • old, not transportable, used

The company simply buys a junk car and its further fate is no longer of worry to you. It’s necessary to compare the price offered by the dealer with the price you calculated earlier. If there’s a difference in your favor, it’s worth considering this option.

Calculation of pros and cons

You also have to pay for the services of companies providing a comprehensive solution for the sale of a junk car. And this also needs to be included in the calculations when determining the sales strategy. Perhaps the costs will be approximately equal to the income, then you’ll have to choose — to spend your time or pay for someone else's. Self-selling can bring more profit, but complex services involve everything: from car removal to receiving the final margin.