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INFINITI Canada Unveils Art Installation by Renowned Artist Michael Murphy to Celebrate the 2023 QX60 (Photo: Business Wire)

INFINITI Canada Unveils Art Installation by Renowned Artist Michael Murphy to Celebrate the 2023 QX60 (Photo: Business Wire)

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, INFINITI Canada is set to unveil a bespoke art installation by acclaimed perceptual artist Michael Murphy at Art Toronto. Named “Moment of Clarity,” the piece serves as a visual illusion with suspended everyday objects coming together to reveal a unique message visible only at a certain angle—when sitting in the driver’s seat of the new 2023 QX60. The installation conveys a powerful message on the importance of bringing chaos into perspective.

From early alarms and meal prep to managing work and family commitments, life can be overwhelming. To capture this, Murphy has suspended physical objects such as cellphones and toys with items representing abstract concepts like emails. From select perspectives, the objects appear to be placed at random; but when viewed from a particular vantage point, the items unite to form a 3D INFINITI logo. Guests at Art Toronto who sit in the driver’s seat of the nearby INFINITI QX60 will have the perfect vantage point, illustrating how the design, comfort and versatility of the INFINITI QX60 helps drivers find serenity in the chaos and take on life in style.

“INFINITI is always striving to provide our customers with an enriched experience on and off the road,” said Steve Rhind, Managing Director of INFINITI Canada. “From its elegant exterior to its calming interior and reassuring safety features, the 2023 QX60 provides drivers with a moment of serenity amid their hectic and busy lives. We’re thrilled to be at Art Toronto and collaborating with a renowned artist like Michael Murphy to create an eye-catching work of art that represents this moment of calm and symbolizes the importance of putting things into perspective.”

Recognized for his powerful, thought-provoking, and technically driven work, Murphy is the world’s foremost anamorphic artist. Referring to his style of artmaking as Perceptual Art, Murphy’s technique places emphasis on the viewer’s perception by creating illusions of images in three-dimensional spaces. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Murphy’s work has appeared across the globe, challenging perspectives, and encouraging art enthusiasts and passersby alike to view things in new ways.

“It was a pleasure working with INFINITI Canada on Moment of Clarity,” said Murphy. “INFINITI’s iconic logo is striking, with its elegant and simple design. When I create my art installations, I’m rendering illusions of images in three-dimensional space by suspending arrays of objects in such a way that they come together and harmonize to form a unified image from a specific vantage point. This technique is a seamless metaphor for INFINITI’s Japanese approach to design using the principles of mitate and shitate. The way my works explode into a chaotic cloud and then come together as a cohesive image is a perfect depiction of a moment of clarity.”

Art Toronto is Canada’s annual coming together of the most influential art galleries and institutions across the country and welcomes more than 20,000 art enthusiasts who come out to see Canada’s best art works. INFINITI’s “Moment of Clarity” will be available for public viewing from October 28 –30 at the Metro Convention Centre.

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