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Energy from biological batteries being launched internationally after demonstrating effectiveness in cities, generating power from parks, gardens and green roofs

BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 13, 2022 -- The Spanish company Bioo, led by Pablo Vidarte, has developed a panel that generates energy from the earth, and converts it into electricity without altering the environment. These panels are part of projects within so-called biotech cities, which are now being launched internationally in the US, UK, Spain, Netherlands and France.

Bioo Panels have demonstrated the effectiveness of Bioo's revolutionary energy charging system in multiple buildings and green spaces. The panels generate electricity through the earth, taking advantage of the organic substances found in natural soils and their decomposition by natural microorganisms, without harming the environment. In addition to energy, the use of this biotechnological battery technology provides up to a 50% of savings in irrigation, reduces heat up to 4 degrees, and absorbs more than 338g/m² of CO2.

Bioo has created a variety of technologies that involve using plants as biological switches or generating electricity from nature. Together, these applications increase the property value of buildings by up to 20%, increase visitor traffic by around 30%, and even improve the wellbeing, productivity (by around 15%) and efficiency of those who work in them. The technologies that Bioo has developed seek to integrate into so-called biotech cities: cities that are not only sustainable, but use state-of-the-art technologies to create symbiosis with nature.

Currently, Bioo has already implemented installations in the UK (Eden Project) and in areas of Barcelona, Ibiza, Seville, Paris and Madrid, among others. It is also part of various projects such as the transformation of the Port of Barcelona into a huge green space, in collaboration with the firm ON-A who designed the project, and others in San Jose (Silicon Valley), Boston and Dubai.

As a result, it has been named by the European Parliament as Europe's most innovative company and its founder, Pablo Vidarte, has been included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list. Bioo is mainly funded by the European Union and international technology funds, and is working steadily towards what they are sure is the next technological revolution: the biotechnological evolution.

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