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Learn about the leadership status of players in Shared, Autonomous & Connected Mobility

Learn about the strategies and roadmaps of leading carmakers in ride-hailing, car-sharing, micro-mobility, EV charging among other business models.

Understand how the dynamics of Mobility-as-a-Service will evolve by 2030 in China, Europe and the USA.

Understand how carmakers are positioned in Smart and Shared Mobility across 10 business models:

  • B2C & P2P car-sharing, free-float and station-based
  • Taxi/P2P ride-hailing, incl. electrified fleets
  • Automated Mobility On Demand (AMOD_/robotaxis
  • Micro-Mobility (e-bikes, e-scooters, other)
  • Multi-modal transport (e.g. Moovel)
  • Connected parking (e.g. Park Now)
  • Electric vehicle charging, such as VW's Elli
  • Online car sales and subscription services
  • Urban Air Mobility investments & strategies
  • Other Aftersales services (e.g., predictive maintenance, battery swapping, etc.

Online car purchases fuelled by e-commerce rise, enabling tech for a better shopping experience & COVID-19 impact.

The pandemic is pushing carmakers and auto dealerships to rethink their digital retail channels and accelerate their online e-commerce offerings.

At the same time, COVID-19 is acting as a catalyst for more consumers to turn to online purchases including vehicle sales. According to McKinsey's recent survey, consumers are now more interested in contactless shopping services and among them, more than two-thirds of the younger consumers prefer online car shopping instead of visiting dealerships.

Online share of total retail sales historically rises as an increasing proportion of consumers tends to search, compare and eventually shop online.

The challenges and the purchasing criteria of today's connected customers evolve continuously and differ from previous times. Product specification, device interoperability.

Connectivity, Content/service availability affect personalised shopping experiences.

In this direction, major carmakers have recently started collaborating with digital retail providers in order to digitalise their sales platform (and/or their dealerships platforms) and enhance consumers' accessibility to online vehicle sales.

A recent example is Tekion's EV-focused retail software for General Motors' dealers. Tekion will provide GM dealers with its retail management software that will make it easier to purchase Chevy, Cadillac, Buick or GMC EVs.

Car sharing and ride sharing are two of the forms of transportation that have attracted a lot of interest and investment since the remaining types are highly fragmented.

Leading carmakers are racing to position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities and compete with new entrants.

Daimler's with Car2Go leads B2C Car sharing and in 2019 announced a deeper strategy shift to focus on mobility with its restructuring. Also, it has announced an alliance with BMW Group to merge their business units and offer customers a single source of urban mobility. Each company will hold 50% of the new joint venture.

Key Topics Covered:

1. The State of Competition in Shared Mobility

1.1. Competitive Landscape & Carmaker Offerings in Shared & Smart Mobility Services

1.2. Carmaker Revenues from Financial Services & Mobility segments

1.3. $11+ billion of Investments by Carmakers in Mobility Startup

1.4. Key Partnerships in Mobility in 2020-21: the Evolving Landscape

1.5. New battlefronts in Shared Mobility

1.5.1. Market growth in emerging markets

1.5.2. The crucial role of China

1.6.. New Mobility, incl. Shared services, presents an additional $1.5 trillion opportunity

2. Drivers & Trends Shaping the Future of Shared & Smart Mobility Services

2.1. Segmentation and Definitions of Shared & Smart Mobility Services

2.2. Consumer demands are shifting driven by Digitalization, urbanization & sustainability

2.3. Carmakers rethink their Online Car Sales Strategies & Digital Sales Channels due to COVID-19

2.4. Enabling Technology for Smart Mobility

2.4.1. Digitalization: Connectivity, Big data, Cloud

2.4.2. The role of blockchain for Security & Privacy in Mobility Services

2.4.3. Autonomous Driving, Software & AI

3. Carmakers' Strategies in Shared & Smart Mobility

  • For each carmaker
  • Group Deliveries & Revenues 2016-2020
  • Vision in Mobility
  • Assessment of Mobility Portfolio
  • Technology readiness
  • Strategy: Business model evaluation (SW, AI), Business Segment & Investments Related to Smart Mobility
  • Competitor Assessment: Strategy, Technology Readiness, position & outlook in Smart Mobility

3.1. Audi

3.1.1. Audi's Car Sales 2015-2020 & Revenues 2019-2020

3.1.2. Audi's Vision in Mobility, incl. Autonomous, Electric and Shared Mobility

3.1.3. Investments related to Smart Mobility & key partnerships

3.1.4. Assessment of Mobility Service Portfolio

  • Audi Select (Subscription Service)
  • Audi on demand (Car sharing)
  • Audi e-tron Scooter (Micro-Mobility)

3.2. BMW Group

3.2.1. BMW Group's Car Sales & Revenues 2015-2020

3.2.2. Vision in Mobility, incl. Autonomous, Electric and Shared Mobility

3.2.3. Investments related to Smart Mobility from iVentures & key partnerships

  • BMW-Daimler JVs: Your Now, Share Now, Reach Now, Free Now

3.2.4. Assessment of Mobility Service Portfolio

3.3. Daimler: Mercedes-Benz

3.3.1. Vision in Mobility

3.3.2. Investments related to Smart Mobility & key partnerships

  • AMoD (Mercedes-Benz & Bosch)

3.3.3. Assessment of Mobility Service Portfolio

3.4. Ford

3.4.1. Vision in Mobility

3.4.2. Investments related to Smart Mobility & key partnerships

3.4.3. Assessment of Mobility Service Portfolio

  • Ford Smart Mobility LLC (Ford's Mobility unit)
  • Ford X
  • Ford Mobility Cloud (Platform for routing self-driving cars)
  • Ford's Micro-mobility and Other Services

3.5. General Motors

3.5.1. Vision in Mobility

3.5.2. Investments related to Smart Mobility & key partnerships

  • Cruise Honda Partnership

3.5.3. Assessment of Mobility Service Portfolio

  • Maven / Maven Home / Maven for Residents
  • Maven Gig
  • Maven Car-sharing
  • Maven Peer Cars/ Peer-to-peer Car-Sharing
  • Cruise / Cruise Anywhere

3.6. Honda

3.6.1. Vision in Mobility

3.6.2. Investments related to Smart Mobility & key partnerships

  • Grab Investment
  • ReachDa Investment
  • GM Cruise Investment
  • Monet Technologies Investment
  • Zipcar Partnership
  • Orix Partnership
  • 3.6.3. Honda's Mobility Service Portfolio
  • Honda Xcelerator

3.7. Hyundai-KIA

3.7.1. Vision in Mobility

3.7.2. Investments & Partnerships

  • Grab Investment
  • Ola Investment
  • Aurora Investment

3.7.3. Mobility Service Portfolio

  • Car sharing pilots: Ioniq Car Share Amsterdam
  • WiBLE (Car sharing)
  • Delivery Car (Deal Car)
  • Scooter Prototype
  • Zero One True Innovation Accelerator Program

3.8. Jaguar Land Rover

  • Addison Lee Acquisition Speculation
  • Partnership with Waymo
  • InMotion incubator

3.9. Porsche

  • Porsche - Passport
  • Porsche - Drive
  • Porsche - Host
  • Porsche and Boeing collaborating on premium urban air mobility

3.10. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance

  • Nissan Intelligent Mobility - Easy Ride / e-share mobi
  • RCI Mobility Programs
  • Renault MOBILITY - Zity / Rent
  • Moov'in.Paris
  • Memorandum of Understanding with Didi

3.11. Stellantis: ex-FCA & PSA Group

  • TravelCar Acquisition
  • Opel Acquisition
  • Turo Partnership
  • Avis Partnerships
  • Waymo Partnership
  • Aurora Partnership
  • Enjoy Joint Venture
  • Free2Move MaaS Aggregator / Car-sharing / Fleet Sharing and Free2Move Fleet Management / Lease

3.12. Tesla Motors

  • Tesla Network
  • Supercharger Network
  • SolarCity

3.13. Toyota Motors: Lexus and Toyota

3.13.1. Investments related to Smart Mobility & key partnerships

3.13.2. Toyota's Mobility Service Portfolio

  • Hui Car Share and Servco Pacific Partnership
  • Avis Partnership
  • Uber Partnership-Autono-MaaS
  • Park24 Times Car PLUS Partnership
  • Grab Partnership
  • JapanTaxi Investment
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Mobility Services

3.14. Volvo

3.14.1. Vision in Mobility: "Freedom to Move" & all-electric by 2030

3.14.2. Assessment of Volvo's Strategy & Mobility Service Portfolio

  • Sunfleet
  • M Mobility Brand
  • Care by Volvo
  • Uber Partnership
  • Volvo Cars Tech Fund

3.15. Volkswagen

3.15.1. Vision in Mobility: MOIA subsidiary

3.15.2. Investments related to Smart Mobility & key partnerships

  • Argo AI
  • Volkswagen - Gett Investment

3.15.3. Assessment of Mobility Service Portfolio

  • Volkswagen - MOIA
  • VW's Car.Software Unit
  • Volkswagen - Electrify America Initiatives
  • Volkswagen - We Services
  • WeShare, WeDeliver & WePark

4. Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Electrified Mobility in China, Germany, California & India

4.1. Summary of Maturity of MaaS across major geographies

4.2. Smart Mobility in China

4.2.1. Urbanization & environmental policy shape new Mobility Needs in China

4.2.2. MaaS Regulation in China: NEVs & ICVs at the centre of Gov.'s policy

4.2.3. DiDi "monopolizes" the booming Ride-hailing industry

4.2.4. Deployment of Lv.4 Autonomous Robotaxi accelerating in China in '21

4.2.5. Low adoption of Car-sharing in China

4.2.6. The limited EV charging network hinders MaaS adoption

4.2.7. Bike-Sharing popularity have slowed down recently

4.3. The Status & Outlook of Smart Mobility in Germany

4.3.1. Germany's car-sharing market rebounded in 2021 driven by free-floating

4.3.2. Micro-mobility: Bike Sharing

4.3.3. Scooter sharing dominated by six major players

4.3.4. Germany's EV Charging network doubled in 2020

4.3.5. Urban Air Mobility coming to Germany cities

4.4. The Status & Outlook of Smart Mobility in California, USA

4.4.1. Mobility Challenges in California

4.4.2. Ride-Sharing market in California: Uber & Lyft

4.4.3. Car-sharing/P2P car sharing projects

4.4.4. Car subscription models in California

4.4.5. Micro-mobility

4.4.6. Automated Driving & Autonomous Deliveries

4.4.7. EV charging infrastructure and business models in the USA

4.4.8. Three Key players in Smart Parking in California

4.5. Car sharing in North America vs. Europe

4.6. Shared Mobility in India

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