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The Importance of Insurance as a Car Owner

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Besides being a legal requirement to have car insurance if you own a car, having car insurance can protect you should you get involved in an accident or if your vehicle is damaged.

Also, if you purchase your car with a loan, the lender will likely require you to have insurance. Insurance protects the bank or lender so that if anything happens to the car, they don't lose out on the money they loaned you.

Different insurance companies offer many car insurance policies, so it's best to get insurance quotes for cars to compare what each plan provides before buying one for yourself.

Why You Need Car Insurance

You may be reluctant to buy car insurance, thinking you're a good driver and want to cut costs, but you must be covered. The three main types of auto insurance include liability, collision, and comprehensive. While you are only legally required to have liability, most drivers believe it is insufficient to be adequately covered and opt for full coverage, including collision and comprehensive.

Having the right car insurance is important because:

    ● It protects you against financial difficulty if you cause an accident

If you cause an accident, you will be responsible for all the bills the other driver incurs due to the accident. This may include repairs to their vehicle, medical bills (in case of injuries they sustained), and in rare cases, loss of income. These expenses can significantly add up to more than the cost of your monthly premiums.

    ● It protects your car

Car insurance may cover the costs of fixing your car if you're in an accident, whether the fault was yours or the other driver's, depending on your auto insurance plan. Your insurance will also likely cover you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged.

Typical damage includes natural disasters like floods or accidents that occur when the car is stationary, for instance, if a tree branch falls onto the hood. You will also be covered if someone else drives your car and crashes it.

    ● It protects your passengers

Car insurance may protect your passengers if you are in a crash and your passengers are hurt. Your insurance will cover their medical expenses so that you don't have to pay them out-of-pocket.


Having insurance is important for everyone who owns a car. Your insurance may protect you from the massive financial implications that come with an accident that you cause or any damage or loss to your car.


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