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Continental's New ExtremeContact Force Tire


By AJ Huffines
Master Certified ASE
Technical Editor

AUTO CENTRAL - October 10, 2022: Continental has recently released an all new summer ultra-high performance competition tire for both enthusiasts and professionals, the ExtremeContact Force. This tire is a joint effort with Hoosier Racing Tire to design an all out performance tire. The tires come complete with Sport-Plus technology which provides responsive handling, better grip on wet roads, and extended tread life. Some of the characteristics of the tire include

  • Consistent lap times
  • Predictability on track
  • Designed for both dry and wet conditions
  • Exceptional tread life
  • Qualifies for 200 UTQG competition
  • We were lucky enough to get a set of the tires to see for ourselves if they could live up to all this hype. Recently we attended a National Auto Sport Association race event at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois. The vehicle that tested these tires was a 2001 C5 ZO6 Corvette, set up for spec Corvette racing. We collected data on the Garmin Catalyst system. As with any racing event there were a few incidents that only allowed us to get 3 solid runs.

    PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

    First Run

    • Outside Temp: 54* F
    • Tire PSI: 28 psi (cold)
    • Fastest Lap: 1:39.3

    This was the first run on these tires, getting them scrubbed in. They were pretty greasy the first few laps, but once they started warming up the grip increased. We were able to pull of a fastest lap of 1:39.38, after the tires were scrubbed in.

    PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

    Second Run

    • Outside Temp: 70* F
    • Tire PSI: 26 psi (cold)
    • Fastest Lap: 1:39.8

    With the outside temperature rising, we decided to drop the tire psi some to see if that made any difference on how these tires reacted. What we noticed is that they didn’t really care for the 2 psi drop, they seemed to perform the same. Just as the first run, the tires were a little slick the first lap. After finishing this run we were able to pull off a 1:39.8, pretty consistent with first run.

    PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

    Third, and Final Run

    • Outside Temp: 75* F
    • Tire PSI: 25 psi (cold)
    • Fastest Lap: 1:37.9

    Decided to drop the tire psi once more to 25, a fellow driver suggested it as it’s the psi he ran. With the lower tire psi, and the more heat in the tires the grip increased. As with all the other runs, the first lap the tires were a little greasy. With more laps, and more heat, we were able to pull off a fastest run of 1:37.9. Which is quite an increase and evidence that these tires love the more heat they get. They also favored the lower tire psi of 25.

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    These tires seem to be a great endurance tire. Although they are a little slick the first few laps, the more heat they received, they happier they were. They also seemed to like the 25 psi cold. As you can see from the results, the time slowly increased the more track time they received. They were pretty consistent and predictable. I think these would be a great addition to any car if you’re looking for superior grip, and want to increase your track times. We were able to pick up 2 seconds! So whether it’s a track car or your weekend cruiser. these tires are “Track Tested, Racer Approved”

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