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DC Comic Artist Illustrates What Happens To Cars When Superheroes Attack

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Everyone wants to be a starring character in a superhero story, but have you ever stopped and wondered what it would be like to have a real life superhero attack? The movie scenes are full of brilliant action and wonder, but what happens after the dust settles and a town is faced with the destruction that is caused by a superhero attack?

Richard Case, an American comics artist who illustrates for both DC and Marvel, gave his fans a peek into what it would really be like if superheroes lived among us.

Imagine grabbing a quick cup of joe at your favorite coffee shop before hitting the road for a business trip. Your car is packed up, gassed up, and ready to go. As you’re getting ready to head back to your car, you notice that it’s no longer parked where you left it. There’s panic and anxious commotion filling the streets and you’re beginning to feel like your heart is skipping a few beats–and not in a good way.

After scanning your surroundings, you realize what’s going on: the supers are at it again. World domination, good versus evil; you know the drill. You head for cover, find a safe spot to watch the battle from, and then finally spot your car.

It’s exactly where you don’t want it to be: shoulder pressed over the head of the villain and launched like a missile through the street.

Your business trip is definitely getting put on hold considering the fact that your car has become a flying weapon. You find yourself googling the search term, "Does car insurance cover damage from superheroes?"

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Every superhero’s image is improved by the presence of a hot new sports car at their side. Even Captain America looks better sitting in an Audi. However, you have to ask yourself, with aliens, villains and otherworldly creatures literally dying in an attempt to destroy superheroes, what type of car insurance coverage are they getting?

If you’re boldly cruising into battle atop a GT Mustang, your policy coverage must either be pretty great, or you are paying a pretty penny for the deductible. If you’re a super-powered crime fighter, do you even stop to compare car insurance rates? After all, driving into battle doesn’t seem like it would be categorized as “safe driving.”

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Imagine jamming out to your favorite tunes as you cruise down the road in your 2022 SUV. It seemed like any other day until suddenly, a boulder of an object abruptly landed on your car roof. Your steering wheel is jarred, your roof is smashed concave, and your windshield is shattered.

Confused and terrified, you look up through your shattered sunroof to see if you can spot the culprit. Though the sun is gleaming in through the shattered glass, you make out a dark figure that’s peering in to see you. In this instance, whether or not a villain smashing the top of your car would be considered “collision” on your car insurance policy is probably the last thing on your mind.

Richard Case is the creative behind these Automoblog graphics. He is best known for his work in the makings of Marvel and DC comics. To check out more of Richard Case’s work, you can check out his Instagram here.