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Auto Central September 8, 2015; As a long time media type, which over the past almost 50 years has included radio, TV and online publishing I have appreciated the tried and true win-win ad supported system that allowed for readers, listeners and watchers to receive access to professionally produced and expensively distributed content for free.

Even way back in my dark ages of over the air broadcasting, my philosophy that a Quid pro quo that free content supported by advertising provided was a win win win for the consumer, the advertiser and the station or network. So much so that over the decades you would have seen and heard commercials that asked our audience to support our advertisers. Despite the advent of the VCR relevant commercials placed by targeting business' and viewed by a welcoming relevant audience were and are still effective and mightily successful.

The anti-ad contingent could tune out but the vast majority of the audience's accepted and in may cases desired the information that advertisers delivered...until the billion impression a minute web.

Let's review for a one, not even the coolest of cool, the anarchist of anarchists, the tweeters of tweets, the friends I never had and the advocate's of a philosophy that all advertising bad, no advertising good... can dispute that there are costs to creating, producing and distributing entertaining, desirable and unbiased content. So smart young people who have proven that they are not eager (to put it mildly) to pay for content, yet still want it. How can any (every?) entity in the ad supported media stay alive if we accept technology that cuts off the lifeblood of every free content media business: ADVERTISING.

Today's (or maybe yesterday's) tsunami of vanity advertising or as the cool ones like to call it Native Advertising or as us old guys like me call it, advertorial, is being embraced by brands who with the prodding by their cool agency guys believe (really?) that the threat of a lack of opportunity to reach the digital generation (whatever that is) and their promoted and supposed dislike of advertising can be overcome by even more bullshit.

The aversion to poor and ineffective advertising is not new it has always existed and can easily be overcome with the creation and distribution of relevant advertising delivered to a welcoming audience...

The Auto Channel is and has been all about cars and trucks for over 20 years, and our advertisers that place relevant ads on our site and on our TV network get isn't it about time once again for brands and advertisers to employ professional media buyers who spend their clients money as if it were theirs and prove that targeted relevant advertising, shown in relevant content is still the most logical and time tested way to increase business, get new customers while keeping real content free forever.

Without an advertising supported media there can be no free society and no democracy, just ask ad supported publisher Benjamin Franklin.