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BEV: Nothing Can Kill a Bad Product Faster than Good Advertising.


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As someone who thinks Battery Electric Vehicles are Bullshit and just a Chinese Plot to take over the World Auto Industry, I am thrilled with the increased sales EV's are having. The more the merrier I say...

And this EV tsunami will be going for just a few more years. Over the past decade American EV advocates were able to spread their belief in the EV Fairy-tale with limited and all good real world experience and who can ever question a fairy tale?

But now as more BEV's are sold foisted on America by an administration that thinks that coal soot is easy to breathe when it results in grid power for electric car administration that is pushing a product that will not benefit anyone but Chronnie Capitalists and China.

So why am I happy about EV sales...obvious the more real world experience owners will get with their new cars will teach the rest of us a lesson that electric may be good for fans but it ain't good for vehicles.

Lets see just how practical it is to try to find a charger in working order, lets see how easy it will be if the BEV breaks down during a pleasant Sunday drive in the country, lets see how patient BEV motorists will remain on their trip from Las Vegas to LA on a hot Sunday afternoon...just you wait I say just you wait...

As I wrote in 2009 and hundreds of time since Electric is Not a Solution But A Distraction From Real and Ready Alternative fuels...have a charged up day (unless you are experiencing a brownout)


Bob Gordon
The Auto Channel