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We Are Angry As Hell And Hope You Are, Too!


AUTO CENTRAL Louisville, KY - August 12, 2022: When you read about what we know about Ethanol and how it can help the USA but is being stifled, it may sound like we are angry...we are...VERY ANGRY.

Why anti American lies about Ethanol Fuel, the proven solution to our gasoline emission and supply problems, has been allowed to become negatively ubiquitous, managed by some one or something to successfully cover up the truth?

Over the years we have been trying to determine who actually benefits from this anti ethanol rhetoric and we have narrowed it down to a short list of culprits:

Big Oil: For over 100 years the Big Oil monopoly has bribed, cajoled, manipulated and propagandized for the prevention of replacing their fuel products with Ethanol. Every negative attribute placed around the neck of Ethanol Fuel is a LIE a big fat anti American fib that hurts all Americans, everyone of us. There is no public advantage to keeping the Gasoline monopoly...none.

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China: Although they are a late comer to the anti-ethanol position, when I did a benefit analysis they instantly moved up to the top of the list of roadblocking the realistic competitor to gasoline a replacement that they can't control. China Inc gains the most from the prevention of Ethanol fuel in many ways, there would be no reason to make or promote Electric Vehicles if we were all using low emission, home grown, cheap ethanol in our current and future vehicles.

They and their American socialist politician know nothings are the power behind Electric Vehicles...Even though China supplies the Batteries and the owns access to the raw materials to make batteries, it has managed to have the US taxpayer invest trillions to make Electric the winner in a choice of fuel.

The powerful auto industry seeing the government subsidies going to facilitate EV manufacturing, took the bait, and they prepared to compete with the Chinese government demanded and funded Electric Vehicles, they fell into line like lemmings jumping off of the cliff the suits jumped right in. China unlike the USA has No appreciable Ethanol Industry, No Appreciable Oil Industry, China actually buys Ethanol from the US and has cornered world wide methanol manufacturing and methanol from coal processes. Any way you look at it if the world continues it Electric Hysteria China will benefits.

The Car Makers : As I have said for years the car companies don't care when it comes to fuel...they sell iron and if they could make cars that run on piss they would make them. The benefit they think they are going to get is that the Electric craziness will force vehicle buyers giving car makers more profit.

American Government: Know nothings gain power over a cowed public. Tax benefits and tax paid for charging stations convinced a small portion of our population that it will be electric in their future.

Ethanol Benefits: Ethanol is easy to make, distribute and use. It is much cleaner than gasoline, cheaper than gasoline, renewable, Made in the USA and the better fuel.

Find the anti Ethanol Fuel propaganda truth. I'm sure that a better reporter than I will find proof of a partnership between China, Big Oil and American Politicians. An axis of evil that is tasked to disseminate anti Ethanol Propaganda so their entities will reap the benefits of their lies and evil plans.

The owners of The Auto Channel have no dog in the fight, we are not Farmers, own no Ethanol business...BUT our "all-in editorial support" of Ethanol is the right thing to do.

The Auto Channel Ethanol message it too important to America to let it die as a whisper on our underfunded truth platform, we have reached the end of the line, our funds are more than depleted and our labor of love for America and its farmers has become more than our personal resources can or should manage.

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If you are not as angry as we are and believe that the ETHANOL message is not worth shouting about then you and your children and grandchildren and their grandchildren deserve what they get.

Bob Gordon
The Auto Channel