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Re: Heatwave Motors: Top tips to take care of your car this week

Hello Larry,

I hope you're well. I just wanted to drop you a quick follow up on the
expert comment I sent from the experts at Moneybarn
<>, sharing their seven top tips for looking
after your car this week during the heatwave:

1. Fluids
Maintaining your fluids is vital at any point in the year, but as the
weather heats up, you’ll want to pay particular attention to your engine
coolant. Coolant has the job of preventing corrosion damage inside your
engine, and if it’s too low, it can overheat your engine. To check your
coolant level, let your engine cool down after driving and consult your
manual to locate the bottle. The level should be in between the two marks
on the bottle.  You should also check your oil levels, transmission fluid,
brake fluid and wiper fluid.

2. Belts & Hoses
Your internal belts and hoses are important to the overall function of your
car, with belts kick-starting the alternator and hoses carrying gas, air
and brake fluid. During a spell of extreme heat, the hose and belts can
crack, causing them to break down. So, in preparation for hot weather
arriving, it’s worth having a professional take a look at them to ensure
they’re in good shape.

3. Battery
If your car’s battery is older, unfortunately heat can put even more strain
on it. To avoid costly repairs, get it tested or even replaced - a new
battery will cost you less than an emergency call-out if you break down.

4. Tyre Pressure
Tyres expand when they are exposed to even the slightest heat, so get them
checked regularly, ideally each time you stop at a fuel garage. Having
tyres at the correct pressure will ensure you don’t suffer any issues in
the heat. To find out the right pressure, refer to your owner manual. You
can then check the levels by purchasing a pressure gauge from any car
accessory shop. Once you’ve done this, remove the valve cap from one tyre
and insert the gauge until the hissing sound stops, and the gauge will give
you a reading. If they’re under pressure, you can add air to them at your
local garage. If they’re over pressure, let air out using the metal pin
inside the valve stem.

5. Interior
Making sure your car is actually cool enough to drive in is incredibly
important, in order to make sure your vehicle is well prepared for warmer
temperatures. Check that your air conditioning is working properly, and
ensure you clean your vents of any dust. If your car feels too hot when you
get in it, there are a number of things you can try. Open the windows, and
turn your air vents towards the footwell. As heat rises, the cold air will
force the hot air inside the car to escape out of the windows. You can also
fan the car by opening and closing your door repeatedly, albeit at the cost
of potentially looking odd to passers by! Once you start driving, keep your
windows open until the air conditioning feels cooler than the outside air.

6. Clutter
Most people keep useful items in their car, but during the warmer spring
days, you need to have a cull, or you could risk causing a fire. Pay
particular attention to aerosols such as deodorant - they can explode if
the temperature rises. Other no-no items are lighters, hand sanitizer, and

7. Parking
When you’re parking, try to avoid doing so in direct sunlight. If you can’t
find a shady spot, purchase a windscreen shield. If you leave your car out
in the sun for too long,  it can cause damage to your interior, such as the
dashboard cracking.

Please let me know if you need any more information, Moneybarn are happy to
provide further commentary or advice!

*Fay McFarlane *
Digital PR Executive
T: 01539 766244

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