PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Q-Power, Chery's global power platform, has been officially launched in Brazil. Chery's enthusiasm and faith in going forward into the next technological revolution and the era of electrification and intelligence is demonstrated by Q-Power, which was the most efficient power solution at the time. Simultaneously, to help Europe achieve carbon neutrality, the OMODA 5, a mass-produced model powered by Q-Power, will be marketed in France.

The Q-Power global power platform is the conclusion of Chery's 25-year power technology, spanning all disciplines of professional power solutions for future mainstream power forms, such as fuel, hybrid, pure electricity, and hydrogen power, which can fulfill all travel requirements of customers.

With the support of the Q-Power power platform, Chery intends to produce a variety of products in 2022 with smarter technology, better design, and greener environmental protection. Six new energy items, including plug-in hybrid technology and 48V hybrid technology, will be presented to the Brazilian market. Chery's new energy OMODA model, equipped with Q-Power power technology, will be the first to be offered in France and the European market, where energy conservation and environmental protection legislations are more active and the required standards are more stringent.

Chery aspires to achieve a perfect balance of power, energy conservation, and environmental preservation via technological innovation in order to provide consumers with efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally responsible solutions as the pace of international carbon neutrality increases. Chery's practice of new energy technology-enabled products is reflected in the Q-Power power platform, which bears Chery's critical goal of boosting global green travel development and building a beautiful smart travel living environment in the future.

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