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Ethanol Bibliography

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Suggested Reading and Watching about ethanol fuel and related matters


Alcohol Can Be A Gas - David Blume

Alcohol Fuel - Richard Freudenberger

America Adopts The Automobile - James J. Flink

At Issue: Ethanol Suzanne & Ian M. Dewsbury

Auto Mania - Tom McCarthy

Beyond Repair - Barry Weisberg

Black Gold Stranglehold - Corsi & Smith

British Petroleum and the Redline Agreement - Edwin Black

Comparative Economic Assessment of Ethanol from Bimass U.S. DOE & Mitre Corp.

Corn Ethanol - Ken G. Glozer

Denatured or Industrial Alcohol - Rufus Frost Herrik

Energy, The Master Resource - Robert Bradley, Jr.

Engines of Change - Paul Ingrassia

Ethanol Fact Book - CFDC & Growth Energy

Fill Your Tank With Freedom - Evans & Khan

Fossil Fuels: The Moral Case - Kathleen Hartnett White

Fuel Economy of the Gasoline Engine: Fuel, Lubricant... - Blackmore & Thomas

Gusher of Lies - Robert Bryce

How To Make Your Own Alcohol Fuels - Larry W. Carley

Internal Combustion - Edwin Black

Oil Power - Carl Solberg

Petropoly - Luft & Korin

Prosperity Beckons, Dawn of the Alcohol Era - William J. Hale

Sir Henri Deterding and the Nazi History of Royal Dutch Shell - John Donovan

Sustainable Ethanol - Goettemoeller & Goettemoeller

The Chemistry of Corn Into Alcohol - Holm-Seto-Travaglini

The Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol (Update) - USDA (Shapori-Duffield-Wang)

The Ethanol Papers - Marc J. Rauch

The Forbidden Fuel - Bernton, Kovarik & Sklar

The Ford Century - Russ Branham

The Gas Station in America - Jakle & Sculle

The Great Oil Conspiracy - Jerome R. Corsi

The Modern Gasoline Automobile - Victor Page

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels - Alex Epstein

The Motor Gasoline Industry: Past, Present and Future - Robert Schmer

The Plan Edwin Black

The Prize - Daniel Yergin

The Quest - Daniel Yergin

The Rockefeller File - Gary Allen

The Seven Sisters - Anthony Sampson

Turning Oil Into Salt - Korin & Luft

Wheels For The World - Douglas Brinkley

Windfall - Meghan L. O'Sullivan

Yes, Tin Lizzie Was An Alcoholic - Marc J. Rauch


PUMP the Movie - Josh & Rebecca Tickell

Gashole - Roberts & Wagener

Freedom - Josh & Rebecca Tickell

The Big Fix - Josh & Rebecca Tickell

Fuel - Josh Tickell


Gasoline and Alcohol Tests on Internal Combustion Engines - Robert M. Strong 1909

Motor Fuels From Farm Products - Jacobs & Newtin 1938

Henry Ford, Charles Kettering and the Fuel of the Future - Wm. Kovarik 1998

The Ethyl Controversy - Wm. Kovarik 1993

Ethanol versus Gasoline - The Contestation and Closure... - Michael S. Carolan

THE MODEL T FORD CAR - Victor Wilfred Pagé

Blume Distillation

E-Fuel Personal Energy System

Make Your Own Ethanol At Home with the E-Fuel 100 MicroFueler

PUMP - full movie

The Hypocrisy of Big Oil - Rauch at NEC

Ethanol - A Conversation That Matters with Marc Rauch

Ethanol: The Forgotten Alternative Fuel? (w/ Marc Rauch, The Auto Channel)

Mercury Marine Ethanol Webinar 2011

Ethanol Review - Blume, Harvey, Stolz, Rauch

RoadTrip: Driving and Alcohol Do Mix - Blume, Begley, Rauch

Fletcher Prouty Explains Invention and Use of Term "Fossil Fuels"

Ethanol vs. Oil

Anne Korin at American Coalition for Ethanol Conference

Ethanol Hygroscopic Test

Marc Rauch at American Coalition for Ethanol Conference, Pt 1

Marc Rauch at American Coalition for Ethanol Conference, Pt 2