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DC Back-office Leadership Cooperates With Green New Deal Extremists To Eliminate American's Pursuit Of Happiness, Mobility and Vehicle Choices


The Government Makes Your Choice Of Future Mobility:

BIDEN PLAN:Tax Payer Funded Electric vehicle charging stations built with federal dollars should be positioned along Interstates every 50 miles, be able to recharge cars quickly and be located no more than a mile from a major highway, according to new rules proposed by the Biden administration on Thursday. The new standards are part of the Biden administration’s efforts to spur widespread adoption of zero-emission cars, with a goal of having half of all new vehicles sold in the United States electric by 2030. (NY Times) Under the proposed new rule, states would be required to provide at least four of the quickest type of recharging ports, known as DirectCurrent fast chargers, at every charging station to allow multiple drivers to plug in at the same time.

Under the bipartisan infrastructure law signed last year by President Biden, the government would provide $7.5 billion to states to create a network of electric vehicle charging stations.

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From Bob Gordon, Co-publisher and Patriot
The Auto Channel

Michael Sivak Sivak Applied Research writing for Green Congress reported that according to EIA data, drivers of electric vehicles have seen only a modest increase in the cost of their driving, while drivers of gasoline- and (especially) diesel-powered vehicles have been hit hard.

Hmmm raising diesel prices have had a direct effect on the cost of goods, food and services in our big truck based economy, didn't the green jerks ever anticipate the consequences?.

It's cheaper to produce diesel fuel and in the "old days it was way cheaper to buy than gasoline, in fact the tree-huggers bought diesel cars to save the world, so what happened?

Could there be a 5th column of Manchurian candidate-like traitors silently making key decisions within our government who are taking directions from foreign leadership who understands how to use long-term aggression here in the US without ever firing a shot. The proof, even a senile president can't be so stupid to support a fatal to America diesel price manipulation.

I also ask why, if it costs more to make electricity now and it is reported to be in short supply this summer, why has there been no market-driven price increases for EV drivers? I get it...the know-nothings who have been controlling unthinking Biden and got everything they wanted within one year, can you believe how far America has sunk?

"The Bernie Sanders (Our Real President) Led Gang's" stated goals of destabilizing our country and making it over as a clone of countries run by their socialist and communist heroes, their plan is working well. Time for a voters revolution?.

Bob Gordon, The Auto Channel