ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Volkswagen Middle East has partnered with music streaming platform Anghami to promote safe driving using Anghami’s Auto Car Mode, a unique User Interface (UI).

According to research by Anghami, over 60 million songs are listened to by people while driving each month. To ensure drivers remain safe on the road while using the music platform, Anghami’s Auto Car Mode UI makes buttons bigger and clearer resulting in less distractions for people while driving.

Volkswagen will be the exclusive mobility partner and sponsor for the Auto Car Mode. The collaboration between the two brands comes after the successful campaign by Volkswagen in 2021, where the brands created a calming playlist to promote safer driving.

Elie Habib, co-founder and CTO of Anghami said, “Driving is a daily routine for many of us, and our users, and to ensure our audience remains safe while driving, we have launched the Auto Car Mode feature, which Volkswagen has partnered with. The feature makes a few changes to the interface bringing larger buttons that are easier to tap on while drivers are busy looking at the road.”

“Safety is and will always be a top priority for Volkswagen. As an automotive brand it is our responsibility to make drivers aware of the importance of safe driving by helping them adopt safer habits. We are pleased to partner with Anghami’s Auto Car Mode feature as we strive to achieve safer roads in the Middle East,” added Anja Petrovski, Marketing & PR Director of Volkswagen Middle East.

The Auto Car Mode is a year-long partnership between Anghami and Volkswagen.

In recent news, Anghami reported its advertising revenues touched $9.8m, with the advertising gross margin growing from 38 per cent in 2020 to 53 per cent in 2021.

About Anghami Inc.

The first, most established and fastest-growing music technology platform in the Middle East and North Africa region, Anghami is the go-to destination for Arabic and International music and entertainment, creating artists, and connecting people. With its extensive eco-system of music, podcasts, events and more, Anghami provides the tools for anyone to create, curate and share their voice with the world.

Launched in 2012, Anghami was the first music-streaming platform in MENA to digitize the region’s music. Today, it has the largest catalog comprising 72 million songs and licensed content from leading Arabic labels, independent artists, and distributors, available for 75 million registered users. Anghami has established 40+ Telco partnerships to facilitate subscriptions and customer acquisitions, in parallel to building long-term relationships with and featuring music from major music labels including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group and the Merlin Network and is constantly licensing and producing new and original content. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Anghami has offices in Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, and Riyadh and operates in 16 countries across MENA and has recently expanded into the US and Canada, with Europe in the pipeline. It is the only service available in English, Arabic and French, and remains close to its customer base, not only thanks to its pan-regional presence but also via the 56 million user data points it generates every day.

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