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Executives from Top Automakers and Leading Electric Mobility Companies Share Plans, Views, and Thoughts on a Fully Electrified World

LONG BEACH, Calif., May 26, 2022 -- Electrify Expo, North America's largest electric vehicle festival, is set to host the EV Industry's brightest minds for a full day of expert panels and fireside chats on June 3, 2022,  (, at the Long Beach Convention Center, featuring several C-suite executives from top automotive manufacturers and mobility companies across the industry. These experts will discuss key challenges and insights and share research findings and future trends in e-mobility as we head into an all-electric future.

"Electrify Expo has curated a compelling schedule of visionaries and leaders from across the mobility space who will share their unique insights and plans impacting the future of mobility," said Peter MacGillivray, vice president of B2B and Industry Growth at Electrify Expo. "Industry Day comes at an interesting time as visionaries come together to discuss the perfect storm of supply chain woes and ever-escalating gas prices pushing consumers further into the idea of adopting electrified modes of transportation."

Industry Day kicks off in Long Beach at 8 a.m. with coffee and networking. After a 'State of the Industry' overview, the first speaking session begins with a Fireside Chat with Joost de Vries, CEO of DeLorean. In addition to panels and fireside chats, breakout sessions are also available covering both automotive and micro-mobility, discussing topics at the national legislative level down to local city impacts and consumer interest and the future of electric flight. Upon the conclusion of the speaking sessions, attendees of Industry Day have access to an exclusive tour of Electrify Expo including 100+ exhibits, multiple demo courses, and industry networking.

More not-to-be-missed sessions include:


Jo Borras, Electrify News

Loren McDonald, Electric
Vehicle and EV Charging Expert

Past the Tipping Point: An All-Electric Now

Electrification and mobility are changing the face of all industries – not just the car business, but business in general with ramifications that are only now beginning to be understood. An explosion of new products and a coming wave of new applications will touch every aspect of how people and things get from point A to point B and transform what happens once we get to point B, regardless of where point B is.


Joost De Vries

CEO, DeLorean Motor


Jorge Koechlin

Fireside Chat
The Future was Never Promised

Automakers are managing change at every level as the marketplace adapts to the roadmap ahead. Listen in (and come equipped with your own questions) as we connect in our awesome OEM CEO Fireside Chat


Chris Anthony

CEO, Aptera

Tannaz Banisadre

COO, Shell ReCharge

Raven Hernandez

Co-Founder/CEO, Earth

Melika Jahangiri

Sr. Director e-mobility,

Jack Gillin

Senior Director Business
Growth, Okai


Alan Ohnsman, Senior
Editor, Forbes

The New Normal, Five Years On

We've heard it all through the pandemic. "When things get back to normal …" When it comes to e-mobility, things are anything but normal. The e-mobility revolution is here, and – to paraphrase Lee Iacocca – it's time to lead, follow, or get out of the way. Who are the leaders today? Where are they leading us? Is that somewhere that YOU want to go?


Jonathan Adler

Sr Director for Public Policy,



Tony Cruz, City of Long
Beach: Transportation &



FIRESIDE CHAT: Public and Private Partnerships for Urban Mobility


Driving through any major city in the world today, you'll see electric bikes and scooters parked on corners and on charging docks and zipping down the street. There's a symphony of collaboration that makes micro-mobility and on-demand rides like this possible, and it can get people out of cars. What does a data-driven approach to city transportation planning look like, and how do cities work with communities and companies to redefine what transportation looks like.    


Eric Watson

VP Sales Operations, Kia USA



Loren McDonald



Moving Fast, Moving Kia Forward


Today has the market roaring with upstarts and established automakers innovating at high velocity. It is all happening as the world has experienced a pandemic, supply chain challenges, and a volatile economy. How do you balance the excitement of what is possible with technology while creating demand and moving inventory at the speed of the customer?


Josh Aviv

Founder/CEO, SparkCharge

The Future of Filling Up

Wireless charging, battery swapping, snack charging, low power/120 Volt charging, and bi-directional charging (V2G, V2H, V2B) are game-changers for EV owners today, and in the future. What's it like to travel across the country in 2022? Easier and faster than you think.


Claudia Wasko

VP & GM, Bosch eBike

Jesse Lapin

COO, Magnum Bikes

Emily Johnson

VP Marketing, JackRabbit Mobility

Aindrais O'Callaghan

COO, Juiced BIkes

Ben Masek

VP Global Sales, Super73



Bisi Ezerioha



Beyond the Last Mile: How E-Mobility is Reinventing Sports and Lifestyles

From powered skateboards to 50 mph electric mopeds, the micro-mobility market covers the broadest spectrum of customers' needs and solutions – and the industry is exploding with new products that are appealing to customers that were never considered in the past. Chopper builders, cafe racers, golfers, hunters, police officers, soldiers, and bush pilots have found new applications for e-mobility, and we are in the early days of what's possible. In this panel, we take a look beyond the "last mile" and see a whole new world of e-possibilities.

Nicole Antakli

Chief Business Officer,
Charge Enterprises


Eric Kung

VP, Volta Charging


Hemal Doshi

CEO, Universal Green Group


Ryan Pritchard

Chief Revenue Officer,
Pritchard EV

Greg York

Co-Founder & President, 
Edge Energy



Ed Kim

Two Years Away, and Already Missed the (electric) Party Boat!

Next-generation technology like solid-state batteries, battery swap, hydrogen fuel cells, and wireless charging always seem to be two years away. Will we ever get there? In this panel, we'll be talking to industry insiders about some of the wild future tech on the horizon and why the e-mobility revolution has already succeeded without them.


Carleen Cullen

Executive Director, Drive Clean Bay Area


Dianne Martinez

Chair, East Bay Community Energy

Paving The Way for Cities

Hear from the leaders of one of the U.S.'s top-ranking "green utilities" – why the buildout of EV charging infrastructure in the inner city is critical to the adoption of EVs and renewable energy sources. This session will also highlight local and federal legislation driving changes in how we commute and charge, as well as CA Bill AB 1814, providing utilities greater resources to implement much-needed charging infrastructure throughout California's charging deserts.


Jeff Lawrence

Marketing Director, GoTrax

How to Be #1 on Amazon

Electric scooters are seen up and down the sidewalks of the world's largest cities and further. Beyond the on-demand market, there's an increase in consumers owning a scooter that they use to connect with transit, run to the store, and roll over to a friend's house. So, what does it take to be the #1 selling e-scooter on the world's largest e-commerce platform?


Joseph Constanty

Director Global Strategy, NIU International


Bisi Ezerioha


The Future of the 15-Minute City

Can electric bikes be the answer to today's crowded streets and urban rush-hour snarls? Already, cities across Asia and Europe are prohibiting passenger vehicles from entering central business districts, opening streets for bike and pedestrian traffic, and creating more fluid paths across town. Let's hear from a micro-mobility maven that's proving that the "15-minute city" is no longer just a sociologist's vision.


Juls Bindi

Founder, Zugo Bike


Paul Crandell

Former CMO, Go-Pro/Red Bull


Simon Ohanian

CEO, Aventura-X


Tom Schlegel

Chief Innovation Officer, Radio Flyer


Tony Donaldson 

How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

30 Minute Panel: You could build the best e-bike in the world, but if your message is the same as everyone else, consumers won't remember you. In this panel, we'll be discussing how different brands leverage their unique identities to find a voice in a crowded market, and how one brand's success can help fuel the success of others.


Adam Goldstein

CEO, Archer Aviation



Manuel Carrillo


E-Mobility Takes Flight: Roads? Where We're Going, We Won't Need Roads

Just when the world is starting to accept a pump-free future, and we are learning that mobility is not limited to the vehicles that we ride or drive on the streets. Hear from a pioneer in electric mobility that is making waves and reaching for the sky while everyone else seems to roll down familiar paths.


Amit Chandarana

CCO, Everrati


Marc Davis

Founder, Moment Motors



Manuel Carrillo

What's Old is New, Clean, and Fast

Aftermarket modification of cars and trucks is an American pastime, fueling passions and forging our identities for 100 years. Just as we see totally new models hitting showroom floors with the first waves of electrification, there is a rising tide of classic vehicles being restored and outfitted with electric motors and drivetrains. What does it take and how commonplace will it be to see curves and designs of the past driven by batteries and energy of the future?


Praveen Penmetsa

CEO, Monarch Tractor


Steve Heckeroth

CIO/Chairman of the Board, Solectrac



Jo Borras

Fields of Dreams: From the Farm to the Open Road, and Higher

Coinciding with the earliest days of the automobile, America's farms and ranches saw new possibilities for tending to crops and land with tractors and other rugged vehicles. Today, data and automation that provide safety on our highways often come from work in rows of produce destined for the dinner table and travel far beyond our cities. Let's visit with the pioneers of these new proving grounds and the launchpads of tomorrow.


Abby Bassett

Freelance Journalist


Alex Tripi

Electrification, Volvo Cars USA


Going All In, Electrified - Volvo Cars 2023

The electrified life is taking on many forms for all types of lifestyles. Due to where you live and work, and how often and far you drive, there is no one-size-fits-all product or service. Today, established automakers are making bold moves with logical and non-obvious partners to meet the needs of drivers ready to switch to an EV or hybrid. Here's how Volvo is making that happen.

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Electrify Expo is North America's largest outdoor electric vehicle festival showcasing the latest e-mobility products, including EVs, e-motorcycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, e-boats, e-surfboards, and more from top brands around the world. The festival addresses one of the most challenging barriers to mass adoption of electric vehicles with meaningful hands-on experiences, demonstrations, and test rides. Electrify Expo meets the soaring demand for companies to share new technologies, new modes of mobility and put products in the hands of consumers in a meaningful way. Electrify Expo will feature more than 1M+ square feet of exhibit space in Los Angeles County, Seattle, New York, Miami, and Austin.

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