BROOKLYN, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The global NGO Together for Safer Roads (TSR) announced today that its annual Vision Zero Fleet Forum (VZFF) will take place virtually from May 18, 2022-19, 2022. The forum, co-presented by New York City’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), will act as a powerful gathering of fleet operators, technology companies, OEMs, city officials, community advocates, and road safety experts from around the world. It will also create connections across industries and sectors to accelerate solutions for road safety, promote economic growth and work supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and Vision Zero — eliminating all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.

In its role, TSR acts as a bridge providing a path for local governments and public organizations to work with innovative technology from the private sector to make all modes of transportation safer. Although there has been less overall driving due to the pandemic, more than 40,000 people still died in traffic crashes on American roadways in 2020. Trucks, in general, represent 12% of total road fatalities while only making up 4% of the vehicles operating on the road. And with 72% of America’s freight transport being moved by trucks, transportation-related organizations are an essential part of our communities, playing a vital role in safety and sustainability.

“The Vision Zero Fleet forum fosters connection, initiates meaningful conversation, and prioritizes solutions that make our streets and city safer for all New Yorkers,” said DCAS Commissioner Dawn M. Pinnock. “We are proud to be co-presenters of this forum and help spark necessary change that puts safety first. At DCAS we are invested in Vision Zero, and we’ve seen how making improvements has reduced collisions among our operators and set a new standard for the nation’s largest municipal fleet.”

“Operating work trucks is a difficult job but an important part of every community, and safety must be our number one priority in fleet management,” said Keith Kerman, DCAS Deputy Commissioner and NYC Chief Fleet Officer. “I look forward to participating in the Vision Zero Fleet Forum to share my successes in fleet operations and gain new learnings from other leaders also committed to Vision Zero.”

The VZFF will feature dozens of speakers including Matts-Åke Belin, the Global Lead for the World Health Organization’s Decade of Action for Road Safety on day one. For day two, Jessie Singer journalist and author of the bestseller “There Are No Accidents” will join for a fireside chat.

Each day will have welcoming keynotes provided by TSR’s Executive Director, Noah Budnick and Vice President, Marketing and Communications Kat Krieger. Additional panels will include representatives from across the road safety spectrum discussing experiences, strategies and knowledge to make Vision Zero a reality. Sessions include:

  • Solving for Blind Zones
  • Sustainable is Safe and Safe is Sustainable
  • How Can Technology Help End Distracted Driving?
  • How Fleets Interact with Autonomous Vehicles
  • Fleets & Vulnerable Road Users

“The implementation of Vision Zero is not easy and can’t be done overnight, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t attainable,” explained Budnick. “Through the incorporation of new technologies, data and innovative approaches to road safety, we have the ability to eliminate fatalities and make it so no one has to fear going out for a walk, riding a bike or generally transporting themselves from one place to another during the course of their normal day.”

This year’s VZFF is supported by AB InBev, Lytx, Interstate Waste Services, and Republic Services.

You can register and purchase your tickets to VZFF at

For those that cannot attend virtually, premium access provides the opportunity to view the live broadcasts as well as replays to watch sessions on-demand with all content available.

About Together for Safer Roads

Together for Safer Roads is a global NGO dedicated to equity and road safety, leveraging private-sector technology, data and expertise to prevent traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities around the world. TSR works with government, businesses and community stakeholders on local projects, fleet safety management and technology initiatives. TSR was started in conjunction with the UN's Decade of Action for Road Safety and has partners around the world. Partners include AB InBev, Anheuser-Busch, Autoliv, Geotab, Marsh, PepsiCo, Republic Services, Samsara, UPS, and many others.

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