" The E In EV Now Stands For Electrified, Forget BEV's It's Now PHEV And Hybrids, Yeah Yeah Hybrids (Originally Published 5/2022 Before The Fall Of EV's)
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The E In EV Now Stands For Electrified, Forget BEV's It's Now PHEV And Hybrids, Yeah Yeah Hybrids (Originally Published 5/2022 Before The Fall)

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Sales reality will challenge ubiquitous battery-powered vehicle ownership, but DC insiders will still make hundreds of millions of dollars selling and installing taxpayer-subsidized "We gotta have them" BEV charging stations (and grid improvements) as plug-in hybrids take over as the new "raison d'être" to justify a nation of unneeded electric vehicle chargers.

AUTO CENTRAL - LOUISVILLE, KY: Well it didn't take too long for those potential Battery Powered buyers to recognize the many real-world problems that using an EV can present them each day.

So now the problem is what will become of the billions of dollars to be spent on recharge points being funded by taxpayers and being installed without millions of BEVs to charge? What will happen to the Millions of dollars of Wall Street-directed investments? What will happen to the dream of cleaning our air by reducing emissions by having a BEV in every garage (if you have one)? It's All Bull.

As The Auto Channel editor's told you over the years, EV's are a not gonna happen. It's an Emperors New Clothes Fairy-tale. (see also: Electric Vehicle Solution Or Diversion (Pub 2009 updated often)

Ok, now the DC insider's who were all touted on EVs because this administration is more interested in making their sycophants rich(er), like our lifetime government-employee President, I might add. For those lefty's out there who supported a dementia-ridden old man to lead our country and the free world: screw you...your vote has truly F'd up our country and the world so now your children and grandchildren will get this inheritance.


Sorry about that but it boggles my mind that intelligent well-meaning voters (including my children and friends) were blinded to the basement-candidate because they hated President Trump so deeply, and hate negates what's right...oh baby look at us now.

Ok, again...so how can the crooks and con-persons still come out OK without the lies of EVs? Promote not EVs but "Electrified" vehicles...good old-fashioned hybrids.

No matter if a plug-in or a filler-upper Hybrids DO NOT DELIVER EVEN A MODICUM Of MEANINGFUL EMISSION BENEFITS...but the car makers in cahoots with the Swamp can brag how their poison spewing war causing air ruining Hybrids are going to help the world...

On a personal note my wife has owned a 2010 Lexus RX 450H since it was new...I love it, it's the best car I have ever owned but it uses virtually the same amount of gasoline as a non-hybrid version of the car would .

In fact a couple of years ago I did a road-trip review, a comparison between a Lexus RX 450h Hybrid, and a non-hybrid RX 350. The trip was 700 miles on mostly interstate there and back, 700 miles driving both a Hybrid RX 450h and a non-hybrid RX 350...and when the trips were finished I tallied up the fuel use and they both used about the exact amount of gasoline...I imagine if all of those miles were city driving the MPG for the Hybrid would have been meaningful.

As a car guy when asked I recommend the Hybrid model because I think it "rides" better and my wife feels like she is doing something helpful for mother-earth (happy wife happy life).

So here we go, HYBRIDS either mild (no plug-in) or full Hybrid whether plug-in Or Not may get up to 10-25 miles of lung-saving electric driving and a reduction in gasoline use of under 5%.

So tell your friends and family that you heard it here first because it's coming, a tsunami of propaganda that HYBRIDS can save our planet as well as the investment portfolios of the in-crowd.

Now when Flex-fuel E85 Ethanol Hybrids hit the market they can reduce emissions by 68%...so what's the problem? We All Know.

What Are The Types Of Electrified Vehicles?

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